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Big Proof and Iron Fist Records
Rap & Hip-Hop
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Thursday April 05, 2007 - 1:34 AM


prolly not a lot out there that care about rap mix tapes but if anyone wants to hear wat rappin is really about (i.e. dope beats and grimey detroit lyrics and not rims and money and pimps and hoes) this is a must...just another unknown chapter in the relatively unknown life of the artist best known as eminem's best friend who did detroit justice with his music and was the realest MC, which is only further evidenced by the circumstances surrounding his death

not too many songs actually with Proof in them but if you want him at his finest than you need to buy Promatic as well as Grown Man Shit

'Used to rep one hood, 'Matic said no pity, don't you get it mahfucka you run this whole city'