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Skinny Puppy
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Friday February 23, 2007 - 9:30 PM


from the first track to the last you can hear the superb production of the piece. AMAZING. they push the limits of not just electronic music, but good ole analog. As the music plays you can imagine this live, it has that epic feeling of old school rock songs.

not the best skinny of all time, but those days are long long gone. Definately the best of the new SP project.

Friday February 09, 2007 - 6:38 PM


This album can pretty much be summed up in one word. Ogre. Although this new skinny puppy album is good it sounds as though Cevin Key just decided to join Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk in Ogre and rename it skinny puppy (for old times sake. lol). Its seems to me that the thing that made skinny puppy truly unique and great was Dwayne R.Goettel but he's dead now so there is no going back. But forget all that, simply concentrate on the album at hand and don't think about the untouchable skinny puppy of the past because you'll just end up disappointed. All-in-all this album is good and sounds unique in a "been there-done that" sort of way.