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Reviews/Musics: Rap & Hip-Hop/Corrupted Nostalgia EP

Corrupted Nostalgia
Rap & Hip-Hop
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Sunday November 12, 2006 - 1:09 PM


In a baron wasteland of grills, gats, bitches and cars, Corrupted Nostalgia manage to breathe some life into the ever-more-stagnant growing world of hip hop. There are still amazing artists within the underground, but the mainstream needs some new blood and a new sound. This is it.

This 11 track 'EP' was unleashed on January 1st, 2004 to a live audience at Toronto's Poor Alex Theatre (R.I.P.), and has been very well recieved amongst critics, peers and fans alike. While many hip hop artists and rappers find themselves pigeonholed into one style, sound or 'scene' (crunk, gangster, backpacker, conscious), Corrupted have a style that they can truly call their own.

Nowhere on this disc will you find pretensious bragging about material possessions, bitches and ho's, or the played out "us vs the industry" platform. There are no jiggy club anthems, just real, heartfelt and brutally honest spitfire lyrics. The video for the album's lead single "Angels" was filmed on Toronto Island and can be viewed on youtube by searching for "Corrupted Nostalgia."

Rapper Jesse Gilmour spits hilarious punchlines, often self critical analysis of his life, touches on subjects from love, to betrayal, to violence, to what the future holds. The other emcee in the group Young Robertson, is known for his unique flow and powerful voice. Young Rob also handles a good chunk of the group's production, with all 100% original beats on everything they put out!

Since the release of this album, it has sold over 2000 copies on the streets of Toronto alone. The boys have toured the UK, where they sold over 500 copies of a newer EP featuring tracks from their forthcoming full-length in just over 1 week.

They have headlined events alongside artists such as Choclair, Bedouin Soundclash, Blues Underdog Project, Poor Man Militia and a good chunk of Toronto's hip hop artists. They've been featured on the CTV News, and interviewed in Maclean's magazine. 2007 is the year the wait is finally over, and this group blows up, don't sleep!!!