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Reviews/Movies: Action & Adventure/Casino Royale

Martin Campbell
Action & Adventure
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Monday April 20, 2009 - 11:30 AM



Tuesday November 18, 2008 - 5:30 AM


Oh man it was so goood

Monday November 17, 2008 - 1:18 PM


sir Ian Fleming is smiling

For more than twenty years, Hollywood has been misrepresenting his work, and at last, with the downright serendipitous casting of daniel craig as 007, Fleming's true bond is back. Gone are the days of supreme camp and poor CGI, and once again, for the first time in two decades, the bond faithful are truly allowed their willing suspension of disbelief.

everything about bond, from his blond hair, to his borderline agnostic views on life, has been restored to the shining brassy finish it once displayed, polished out from beneath ten layers of pierce brosnan's cheap gold leaf.

to those who question the "changes" made to the bond "franchise", I ask simply what your understanding of the history of 007 is. Sir Ian Fleming wrote not a series of mindless spy books, but a long, continuous story. one in which Bond grows as a person, and as a professional. Casino Royale is the very beginning of that story. Bond has his first tastes of both sides of murder, and the shattering, perspective-shifting experience sets up bond to become what fleming intended- a walking contradiction. A man with complete emotional detachment, yet whom would still die for love or country.

here's hoping they re-make every single film.

Saturday November 15, 2008 - 9:08 PM


only ever watched it once, kinda. fast forwarded a lot :/ as such, only one star for being so goddamn BORING

Monday June 16, 2008 - 3:35 AM


All i can say really is:
I gots all them shits in order on my shelf.
Connery still being the best next to Pierce.

Sunday June 15, 2008 - 9:50 PM


ive seen this movie so many times....daniel craig is fuckin hot!


Wednesday April 16, 2008 - 6:03 AM


<3 No other way to describe it. But simply. <3

Thursday November 29, 2007 - 2:05 AM


Seeing as how I never want a good movie to end, the length of this one made me happy. happy Action, adventure, backstabbing bitches, and poker!? HELL YEAH! lol

Wednesday November 28, 2007 - 9:08 PM


long ass mother fucker, but i really enjoyed it

that mansion at the very end is basically my dream house wow

Wednesday November 28, 2007 - 8:43 PM


Wicked track lol

Go look it up tongue

Wednesday November 28, 2007 - 4:28 PM


i really enjoyed it. i personally thought it kind dragged on a bit towards the end.

bloody good though smile

Monday August 20, 2007 - 3:04 PM


I was a little drunk while watching this so I don't know if I got to experience the full effect... But it was good. lol

Friday August 03, 2007 - 10:40 AM


Keep in mind that this movie is a PREQUEL! That means so much of the stuff that we've seen in the recent movies may have not been around yet. For one, Q and all the gadgets, chances are they're not going to give him all that fancy gear yet.

Bond crying and his woman dying. Where do you think that cold heartless manwhore attitude of his came from? Yes, thats right, his true love died and it numbed him inside.

The only thing that didn't fit the movie was the fact that Judy Dench (the first female M) wasn't actually casted until Goldeneye. All the rest of the M's were male. If this was a prequel, clearly Dench wouldn't be around yet. Chances are they just kept her in because she rocks as M.

I agree that the cardgame scene may have been a little played out, as well as the vacation scene between Craig and Green, but as for the rest of the movie, it was very well done IMO.

So anyways, before all of you start bashing this movie for the reasons you've stated, pull your heads out of your ass for a second and think as to why those changes were implimented.

Friday August 03, 2007 - 7:43 AM


I have to admit I hated when they casted Daniel Craig as Bond but I watched it and I have to say this is now my favorite Bond he fucking kicked so much ass, the story and everything was wild and different, which made it good.5 stars definaitly one to own tongue

Saturday June 30, 2007 - 6:01 PM


ah.... it was okay.


Thursday June 07, 2007 - 12:42 PM


i thought this bond was a really long, really bad sony commercial.
and it made no sense.

Thursday June 07, 2007 - 10:43 AM


It thoroughly bothers me that people are rating this badly because "it was not a man's movie"

Specifically, the comment as follows:

"it was like they had some fucking feminist directing this one. it wasn't even remotly a mans movie. no sexy siluettes to start, bond cries, loses the girl, and i can't remember, does he even get laid? i don't think he does, and if he does, it was crappy. i mean really. where was all the crazy action and the high tech gagets? what happened to the womanizing bond we all know and love?"

Now, it would be good for people such as that to realize that this movie is a rather GOOD adaptation of the first James Bond BOOK.

That's right, kids, it was a book before it was a movie. And in this first book, Bond was not developed into the "womanizing Bond we all love."

So, in closing, go suck a cock. Perhaps dig up Ian Fleming and make it his, just because without his books there would be no James Bond.

Oh, and go see the movie. It was good.

Thursday June 07, 2007 - 5:20 AM


new bond is a fuckin pimp

Wednesday June 06, 2007 - 7:38 PM


I thought it was good.

Wednesday June 06, 2007 - 6:51 PM


I fell asleep in the movie theaters
that tells it all.

Wednesday June 06, 2007 - 9:21 AM


pretty ghey movie....more of a poker movie then a bond movie
very girl was ugly, not a whole lot of action and possibly the gheyest ending to a poker game ever.
the one shinning point of the movie was the fact that the new bond Daniel Craig is a wicked actor...just watch layercake if you have any doubts...

All in all i would just download this movie if you wanted to watch it..dont waste the money in theatres or at block buster

P.S. the people that commented below saying this was the greatest bond movie ever clearly have no idea what a good movie is....just thought i'd throw that out there

Wednesday June 06, 2007 - 7:33 AM


another movie that totally disappointed me.
it was like they had some fucking feminist directing this one. it wasn't even remotly a mans movie. no sexy siluettes to start, bond cries, loses the girl, and i can't remember, does he even get laid? i don't think he does, and if he does, it was crappy. i mean really. where was all the crazy action and the high tech gagets? what happened to the womanizing bond we all know and love? sure, new bond means new movie type. but this means that this new guy is by far the worst bond ever. i want peirce back. least he was sexy with his clothes on and off, and he didn't look nearly as old as this new guy. i have no idea what the hell his name is, and i rightly don't care. i get that movies evolve with the times, but they need to keep the same principle. in this case, a womanizing double-0 agent who shuns orders from his superiors. where the hell was all that in this movie? thats right. it wasn't there. way to totally break with tradition, you know the one that our parents grew up with. if its been like that for more than 30 years, it needs to stay that way.

Tuesday May 22, 2007 - 2:49 AM


fuck yeah

Monday May 21, 2007 - 5:47 PM


Awesome Movie! From the opening chase right through to the end.

I highly enjoyed it.

Monday May 21, 2007 - 3:16 PM


I agree. This was definately the best James Bond yet.

Monday May 21, 2007 - 5:37 AM


The best james bond film yet!

Sunday April 08, 2007 - 11:26 PM


I guess when you do a pre-quel somethings are just not to be touched. Like how James Bond drinks his martini's. "Shaken, not stirred." It was filled with explosions, and guns and cars which I am a HUGE fan of, but it somehow lacked in the department of a great movie experience. I found myself thinking twice about how long this movie is and why isn't it over yet. over all they did well with the bond series because it wasn't painful to watch by far. and Daniel Craig has a really nice ass! lol! for anyone who is like me, you will like it because it has action and there's all sorts of shit getting blown up and a 2006 Astin Martin V12 Vaquish which is what wet dreams are made of.... lmao. So for anyone looking for mindless killing and blowing shit up, this is a movie to watch! tongue