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Reviews/Movies: Action & Adventure/Superman Ultimate Collectors Edition Boxset

Donner, Lester, Singer
Action & Adventure
1 review
Friday December 08, 2006 - 3:09 PM


Well- even if you dont like Superman- there arent many DVD's out there that would give you 14 Dics for less then $100 bucks. The Disc comes with Superman the Movie(3 discs), Superman 2, Superman 2 The Richard Donner Cut, Superman 3, Superman 4 , Superman Returns Special Edition, Plus 3 extra DVDs- Its about 20 hours of Extras.

For the person that does like Superman, buy this Boxset. You dont need anything else. It comes in a Metal case, there are a bunch of extra items inside, plus you get a voucher for all of the original posters. The best place to buy it would be Walmart, where it retails for $85.99. Its an awesome deal. Plus all of the movies are Digitally re-scaled, so it makes watching the VHS versions seem like a joke. Amazing.