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Reviews/Movies: Action & Adventure/Shi Mian Mai Fu (House of Flying Daggers)

Yimou Zhang
Action & Adventure
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Wednesday November 21, 2007 - 2:27 PM


Meh.... it wasn't too great, but it wasn't too horrible either. I thought it was kind of boring, but oh well... It got horribly cheesy in some parts, and as much as I love cheese and think that Primus sucks, it was a bad kind of cheese... like the stupid snow falling in the field at the end... I did like the bamboo fight though, but it wasn't nearly as cool as the bamboo forrest fight scene in Butterfly and Sword (watch that lol)

Oh and its a bit badly translated in parts, which kind of takes away from what is going on...

Monday November 19, 2007 - 11:39 AM


This movie is beautifully put together.. Held my attention... LOOVVVEED it smile

Monday November 19, 2007 - 8:08 AM


... was Not Very Good. Could be thought of as an Infernal Affairs in period costume (Andy goes undercover, gets a bit tortured mentally, then goes a totally mental).

Crap bits:
1) What's with the repetitive baring of Zhang Ziyi's not particuarly attractive shoulders?

2) Generally people were over madeup.

3) The cinematopgraphy. They tried to do the colour-scheme thing in Hero and failed miserably. The sets looked fake, the CG snow was way overdone.

4) Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi had the chemistry of wet cement. Apart from a slightly Stockholm syndrome-y effect I can find no explanation of them suddenly loving each other like mad. Also, Zhang Ziyi looked like she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing/ acting half the time.

The good bits:

1) The bamboo fighting bit was cool. The rest of the fighting was over-choreographed but OK I guess.

2) The climax was surprisingly absorbing given the rest of the film and the dodgy CG snow.

3) Takeshi's outfits. Not very many but niiiiiice.

All in all. It was OK as an adventure/ action film, but compared to Hero it looks like a low budget B movie.


Monday October 23, 2006 - 10:01 PM


This was a beautiful movie. The setting, background, and story made it unique in comparision to all other martial art flicks. Zhang Ziyi is hot too.

Monday October 23, 2006 - 8:59 PM


I loved this movie. I enjoy'd the story and the cinematography was amazing happy

Monday October 23, 2006 - 7:36 PM


Story is shit, but it's a goddamned sweet-looking piece of shit movie. smile

Monday October 23, 2006 - 5:30 PM


House of Flying Daggers was directed by Zam Yimou, maker of Hero, Raise the Red Lantern, etc. with stunning cinematography and smart plots twists. Maybe I was too young to remember, but I always thought the surrealism wasn’t present in his earlier films... but it did in this one and towards the end I think it really distracted the audience (ie. it made ppl laugh in the final battle where the girl just wouldn't die…) I did partially enjoy the film, stuff like the spectacular visuals and use of colour is just brilliance that cannot be denied.