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Reviews/Movies: Horror/Nightmare On Elm Street

Samuel Bayer
1 review
Tuesday May 04, 2010 - 5:03 AM


One Word: Yawn. This Movie is a pathetic attempt of a remake of a classic that can't be touched. Iím sick of this regurgitated crap in the cinemas. The teenaged actors, although very much a part of beautiful Hollywood, donít have the same appeal as the regular cast did in the 1984 original. The character Nancy looks more heroin chic than sleep deprived. I found myself pining for Heather Langencampís creepy stare of sleeplessness and cracking voice. Or the haunting cry of Amanda Wyss (Tina) when sheís calling for Nancy in the school. Even the scene where the new Tina is swung around like a rag doll was unbelievable. The acting was mediocre and felt forced. I was also unimpressed with our new Freddy Kruger, a character in fiction who once scared me to my inner soul does not even make my heart race when heís on screen. I miss Robert Englund. This movie should not have been remade. I can guarantee that even though I have seen the 1984 version hundreds of times, it still haunts me to this day, while the 2010 version makes me want to get a refill of my diet coke just for something to do.