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Uli Edel
Action & Adventure
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Saturday February 07, 2009 - 6:22 PM


I watched this the other night. Happened to be on HBO. I think they do a decent potrayal of Mike Tyson, but they gloss over alot of very troubling and disturbing facts about early life. By rights, he should have never even made it to boxing with all the trouble he was in. Don King is also a 2 time murderer, who kicked someone to death in public who owed him money. Tyson for all the muscle and power he could muster was perhaps not the brighest bulb in the batch, but as a performer and boxer he was highly exploited and taken advantage of. Don King left him broke. Not that it excuses his Michael Jackson like behavior now. Rape is rape. He should have never been allowed to box after something so disgraceful.

Saturday February 07, 2009 - 1:59 PM


I watched this a few week's ago...was pretty good..the end was pretty fucked up though lol

Thursday January 22, 2009 - 10:13 PM


Tyson was a made for t.v. movie on HBO depicting the rise and fall of Mike Tyson (played by Michael Jai White), from his younger days up until 1995 when he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape. I recall reading and watching news regarding so many events in Mike Tyson's life, but really didn't have any idea what was going on in his head. Biting peoples ears off, proposing he eat opponents children, rape, domestic abuse etc all left a very ugly picture of Mike Tyson, this movie certainly helps to form a different impression. One of a guy who had allot of fury, but also a very big heart, everything was strictly out of passion. If the events in the film are true, which I imagine they must be, you can fully understand the madness he must have felt inside. The film spends allot of time highlighting the importance of his early relationship with Cus D'Amato and the guidance Cus provided a very distracted and reckless Tyson. Tyson went from a nervous confidence lacking head case, to the most feared boxer in the world under the guidance of Cus and his gym. The death of Cus seemed to be a precursor to Tyson turning into a different man. Under the negative guidance of Don King, Tyson turned into an even bigger monster. All in all it was an interesting movie, more so because of the facts presented, and the manner in which they are presented. It could have very easily turned into a documentary, but it held strong as a story about the rise and fall of Iron Mike. Some scenes you can clearly notice a very good imitation of Tyson's lisp, but then for large chunks, it doesn't even sound like him, they put allot of time into making sure Michael Jai White looked like Tyson, but unfortunately the poorly shaved scar line and obviously gelled eyebrows don't do enough to hide the obvious fluctuation in his voice. Had they bothered to re-shoot the part when his hat is straight up falling off his head and mashed up, then a second later, perfectly straight.. it might have gotten 4 stars from me tongue I liked this because I like any biographical picture, however cinematic merit.. well it was made for t.v. after all.