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Reviews/Food: Candy Bar/Caramilk Maple

Candy Bar
2 reviews
Sunday March 25, 2007 - 6:28 PM


ew maple is so grose, the original is wayyyyyy too good, so my favourite, the maple is so not needed in the caramilk world hahaha yeeeee tongue

Sunday March 25, 2007 - 3:19 PM


One of the world's great mysteries is the Caramilk Bar. I'm not talking about the alleged "Caramilk Secret" about how the caramel gets in there (pour the bottom into a mold, cool, pour the caramel, cool, pour the top, cool), rather I'm talking about how they can take pretty mediocre chocolate and baseline caramel and combine them to make something so damn tasty! licks

Well, in a new variation bar, Cadbury Canada has decided to take a new twist on the classic combination by adding maple to the mix.

On the first bite, this bar is almost completely indistinguishable from a regular Caramilk. There's that telltale crisp bite through the thick chocolate shell, followed by the burst of sweet as the caramel hits your tongue. What there is not, though, is any taste of maple whatsoever. Then, just as your tastebuds are searching for the promised maple, it sneaks in, burns brightly, and then disappears almost as suddenly as it came, leaving the faintest sugary aftertaste. The maple has a natural taste (think maple sugar not Aunt Jemima), but really only lasts a second or two before it's enveloped back into the caramel and chocolate.

The maple is a subtle and simple match for the caramel, but still not enough of a different taste to make the whole thing particularly outstanding. It's as if the two sugars (caramel and maple) are so similar that they fuse into a hyrid that's overpowered by the milk chocolate.

Overall, as a novelty bar, the tastes match and merge well enough not to be disastrous, but I was left with a feeling of odd curiosity rather than mind-blowing excitement. Maybe with a bolder maple flavour, this would be a truly notable snack, but, although I'm glad that I tired it, I'd much rather get the original.