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Reviews/Food: Candy Bar/Red Bean KitKat

Candy Bar
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Thursday February 01, 2007 - 9:20 AM


When we found the red bean KitKat at the Pacific Mall, we were stopped in our tracks. "It's red bean!" I said, with widened eyes. "No way. It must be pomegranate." said David, equally stunned.

So we bought it and brought it home. First, we tried the green tea KitKat, which didn't really blow me away. The red bean waited, intriguing, by the door. This morning, I grabbed it and, with bated breath, tore open the package.

I broke the conjoined wafers apart and handed one to David. I raised it to my mouth and bit the pink speckled bar. David waited a moment for my reaction.

My eyes widened as the sweet, almost floral flavour of red bean spread across my tongue. "Woooooooow!" I gasped. I crunched more of the delectable bar.

Most of you know that I'm not that into junk food. I'm not a connoisseur of candy, like David. However, I would eat this tasty treat day after day. I do not think I could tire of the sweet-fresh flavour of the red bean KitKat.

Highly recommended.