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Friday August 29, 2014 - 2:05 AM


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Tuesday August 26, 2014 - 1:48 AM


Right in New York children about us the number-one admittance to hospitals to revenue and get them when they're they fall down in the kitchen floor during the weekend and all of a sudden there asthma we need to teach parents how to use and prevent how to use the kids air everyday said so they're using their own air how to keep compliant with the medications on appointment severe care continuity of care it's not just send them home with the Claymore its show in their bodies and instrument and giving them activities to do that on and community-based projects so not his in the hospital but how will you collect data afterwards and professional education and I think we knew early on that the best projects in building new frontiers were going over to doctors who we returned on by the music therapy and saying you look really turned on by this would you like to be a contested here Oliver studies have contest against the doctors we can go back with questions it increases our for all day on documentation quality improvement and to have a theoretical orientation we do have to adapt that it comes.

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Tuesday August 26, 2014 - 1:17 AM


Alpha Fuel Xt Side Effects ingredients are scientifically tested and verified that offer you effective and completely safe results. When I started mistreatment it I asked my brother that what all is enclosed during this product that I actually have been mistreatment from past several days so he asked Maine to take a seat over and he started telling Maine that there are few ingredients that are several helpful for the growth of muscles and alternative blessings.
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Monday August 25, 2014 - 8:48 AM


You can't fall back to earth and then that percent I retried good bastard dollar-some a whore and keep pushing through it got twenty percent not you come up here he moved way back you know what than 47 don't you go home human also buy or 3 to 1 okay Japanese noble don't clean of well Press three-part Ahmed claim but yeah well Press 31 clean slot Press smile up way that you follow usually I'll way said push claim FranÁois push call he brought his heart all along not want body or did not behind knowledgeable pays you need a key problem.

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Saturday August 23, 2014 - 7:55 AM


I am good plant-based foods this stuff melts away and people getting meaner it certainly happened to me Milner's you run into expanding or facts likely Nolin the only see Jack portrayed as a lean fellow because he 8 no animal fat this is perhaps always seen sitting down she has a hard time getting up her knees hurt her blood pressure goes up for diabetes gets outtacontrol so should be sitting down the lesson Jack Spratt was certainly not lost on me because back in the operating room Vancouver here I was and now I'm yes it s and I'm standing at the head of the table looking down into the surgical wound and seeing all this back and heís peopleís arteries and I did was my growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin Iíve been milking cows and I was 16 driving tractors as I was a and not only was mister Phillip seeing all these animals but so is that a clever and I was eating cheese and chickens and various other small animals and I was acting concerned not only should my patience not lie all affect their bloodstream but this whole doc shouldn't either.

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Wednesday August 20, 2014 - 7:02 AM


If you see a city you get the email I'll you discount code it's in secret information from Stone crop association I were also yes you hush so that means you may suck cross speech 6 this world cave I of this yeah and work stuff justly yes we're going to doing it that way bouquet songs you got a nice foresight hats ok 75 is X rich hmm reject me inadequate like lonely to replenish that that a comic books he and in life eat if she give me too keenly mush can get forty yup I'll witch-hunt in art 6 okay at the workout guys ox chess coach Michael you can share ok it's just like that you know what to165 I'm going to be making a book ecstasy all our secret relationship for skinny guys get it so that means the Aces accident cases you're right busty law yes bias so sitting that Center environmentalists yet tennis I think you safe anybody says the fuck Yessica they see right now I'm sure unless is hilarious you know this is our those preservers shit their 200-day that requires like the how sharks and Hawaii one talks hearts probably six salts so youíre saying eat well elsewhere Park Slope's speech box right her.

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Saturday August 16, 2014 - 7:13 AM


Like to talk to an endurance athlete or like you know for example some other rugby Plaza work with there in the gym I am there in the gym once twice a day dude on-field skills once twice a day said you guys try tonight at the academy demands of through the race I am and how do you I'm how do you get I amen awe often that's going to be that the sweeter high GI sugary cops house training to make sure that that's put back in because if people at a car quickly to me in deficit day yet run the risk if like having impaired immune function again a Libyan under the weather and running that's why the Chinese in Giants and in a professional ASI con hold up that we can take tips from the prices I mean if we just like guys that love training and we really give it our all. we can implement these tips that people like myself using a top-level athletes and gain ourselves as well exactly match exactly so what about supplements like supplements that there which I lose body fat granny I ideas on what types.

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Wednesday August 13, 2014 - 6:46 AM


Look at this guy looking back I they are diversified the diversified after they made a few billion dollars see you're looking at the guy today and trice Emily how he thinks and what his actions are today wrong go back in that person's history and say where they do the first five years their career all billion diversify a lot they had insane focus they had a magnificent obsession with one definitive objective that's what this secret is the secret is focusing on something very clear and very specific and very narrow it's having a definitive purpose a very clearly define in specific dream a definitive game that's really key if you want to which one would you know where you're going to go or what business you want to do or what specific way to create money and you're trying 10 things at the sometime you'll stay broke diversification only happens later in life and really it's a misnomer when you see what these people are doing the not diversifying at all actually turning businesses over to other people.

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Tuesday August 12, 2014 - 6:55 AM


I'm some Dodos a text the only thing that you actually do is still don't serve there is no actual work and then Iíll services yeah there is no actual damages done except if there is a suing them so does the company might lose some revenue into seem we don't if you occupy factory gates the company will whose revenue as well own there is no details school in so I think the the idea of what actually constitutes legitimate civil action on the internet is something that again we really need to re investigate and all of this I'm one of those activists who in the past year um started to engage more closely with the security to be because I think it is very important fees for us to engage I nor does I think the problems that we mean on resolved is because of a problem with the approach we have to save a security issues which is very much be storm own the idea of an absence of home it's actually limited to actions of home which is a very negative.

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Thursday August 07, 2014 - 7:34 AM


Your math coke teak coffee or coca-cola right exactly and if you're inform laying off the fluoride water mom maybe you do still have the cognitive ability to think through some of these things and please don't say the government would never do that to us folks they are they they've obviously done this to us numerous times we've listed the different events over the past shows so I won't go through them again but of course they would do that to you the government regularly deceives us all the time well that's a great point we've got so much that we've done together on outside the box Wednesdayís thanks to Mike Adams national news for a have an access free access to everyone to these archives and you can download listen to make your heart's content and laugh a lot cut we tender we tend to make each other laugh much less our wives what do we do the show together yeah I one question I have for the hutches guy that that supposedly allegedly got his leg blown.

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Monday August 04, 2014 - 4:48 AM


a couple times a weekand saw use just that highly-trained that stuff I'mfrom think it was anything else that use for awesomeness watching with I don't know but I really like to use itfor everything in life nurses from her yes something home to write that jury found fifth would really like it's for brushing and rinsing lot .
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Saturday August 02, 2014 - 5:29 AM


So I got these lease sports bras and I wouldn't really where reasons for spry not think they're supportive enough really but theyíre perfect to entertain top this one here is the color missile its kind ever Lake very hard to his friends color I went to college khaki but an hour it's definitely not way itís not an array is a really neutral color and the Mac forces a reserve mark and I also got a black one and I think they also have one more color and I'm not sure what its I'm not sure I wish they had watt I think the other holiday ham might be like in New Year something I don't put me on a guys but thereís three issues from so I got need to know and entries I ended up paying a 1372 and he's originally there 24 50 which is a little bit much for assorts bra oh and if you guys are interested in their original praises for the year son the bottoms for the bikini or $20 for$50 and so was the top so safe credit money on owns Ste and I got another thing for Mary I got couple really nice watt Chloe newest tops for summer I love wearing late during the summer and I love leak startling various this is called the guys tank and its way to foreigners scary very scary and flow and it has a sleek least you telling at the top here.

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Friday August 01, 2014 - 7:13 AM


If you don't have a medicine ball you could use a stuffed animal for instance so there's always going to be ways that you can modified exercise in finds that the comets gonna work for you and it's definitely not necessary to have fitness equipment and all of the video center channel um... are either going to be equipment free completely are going to offer modifications of the people that donít have adequate them used by about three weeks now what is their body parts to train as it is but affair but I can change you can down those classes that those lines is that the basic six debates of everything Fleming or I would say passes him I guess would be kind of hard for me a pica necessarily auk... favorite everybody part that Nat out incur exercise is there some of my favorite just in terms of making you feel pretty strongly and then being something that actually noticed that liquid posture improves it's easier to sit up straight back hobbies their benefits that come from doing for work sometimes we just got a couple minutes left do you want to hangout McKinney when I come out pop in for a second yeah maybe ten minutes every other kid and I also by resigning was crowded by cherub ever I don't want to remind everybody wrote that about the podcast that we've been starting because mike reminded me sitting over here in he set up an entire not the podcast so dementia podcast episodes up and ideally hope you guys go to our webpage the very top of the web pages as pod casting it would be great.

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Friday August 01, 2014 - 1:32 AM


ago and no I mean did not know me I not or it that have experienced such I'll I'm also got school honest I was that your ex black white red 12 more I would not be possible not all rights .
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Monday July 28, 2014 - 3:00 AM


The job himself toward another invite so a lot of things like a the mole meningitis thank you Lou Jordan because we got anymore person is to press their mutiny then thereís a movie Osamaís and well a bacterial and the label releases a you not only so they end up getting should your John but donít worry no emotional jewelry but it was a tie a models and lonely back here dollars in they're fun or they have disease very mild get over just as long as soon learned in all as many Syrians bro well it was arrested in New Moon and you know more about them and the other things we know there are you enjoying lower viruses and people and injured years be wet bar ill for the rest of their lives in bottle and they did a study room elderly people in a looking more me alarms and your GED and when they came out as you look at their training wheels and worrying and love me Larson and you look there are other worries about what will happen worries and I'm usually aren't now when you may not like ban clung it anyway that the bar all measles that's the whole idea is you take the farm and you run it through to you dollars into the bar news is building reviews little you calling the way you are you yet emerged.

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Friday July 18, 2014 - 10:44 PM


Guess that's the disadvantage of having the equipment in a different room so was a timeout saving you can take every single thing that we've been doing so far is saved in RAM right now fortnight and I should put quotes around saved in RAM it's considered are running configuration me show you %uh type in a show running can fake this is a big man that you want to keep inn your mind show running-comfit will show you whatís currently running on your switch right now it's literally every command that you've typed in your switch and some default command center in there like you can see there's the host name command host name CIT switch the it space and scroll down there's only interfaces scroll down a little bit more now there's interface be land one and the Padres I gave it there's the default gateway every command then I put in will be setting in that running configuration the problem is that it is sitting in Abram so if the switch loses power any you lose everything so what we need to do is save your configuration to something more stable that is known as the startup-config.

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Thursday July 10, 2014 - 1:08 AM


who said you know the most exciting thing is I donít have to drink for Red Bulls a day anymore to stay focused you know by four oíclock in the afternoon now you know that one client whose you know running a hedge fund so for him there's nothing more important than being completely and when the heck we focused on what's going on in the markets 24 hours a day his brain needs to work absolutely attend and you know he came to me after a few weeks and said you know it's great that I've taken three inches off my waist and my daughter take my blood pressure medication anymore but I really.
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Monday July 07, 2014 - 2:47 AM


You know have you tried that crazy wrap thing this is a problem where the products theyíre in Loxís armada cuter his rap in the same here is the defining jail and you're the writing something mom YouTube ocean I'm your music when it's the and said heís in saran wrap you can you lines maintain GB Mac something more your choice rather you want to use it or not what this particular chichi right here is work rose and I'm huge regular the body wrap on the left musk like minutes you know some people usually produced and included subtext imperial times no really depends on you nearby and how my max now once we're done once we're gonna-plying that mean one rap music do you listen to you mean I'm forgo sleep we remove my Pittman your number backing the next morning we got new plan if Iím jail mean knows what that meant two step process for us and this is how we were able to you continue achieving results were trying to remove all currently on a path to not slowing downpour minds as we all are life gets in the way it also impacts intimate for us to really do fitness so dictate.

Friday July 04, 2014 - 9:41 PM


Runs we want to see faster 100 meter dash is but back to the matter is you wonít our athletes using steroids and the debate continues and science looks Native garcinia cambogia for the answers one ominous back remains steroid use is ready and they may not be going away anytime soon the up the yeah do sample for on it does in my muscle on policing cock source a good DEACON 17 them playboy yeah Fleming get behind that James Bond St one you James Bond characterization wash home then human loss of guess giving when decision let's talk about what's really going on can come here to therapy I'm therapist I'm not an option I am going back to the place for the children tip shelter somebody in your life is broken the rules Conway Twisty to have an abortion not what do you think I'm hiding 10 to 10 trying to figure it out feeling if patients could see what I think that loosens good they've grown called times open thread: T Jane Austen yet the open day Riparian the spicy good go p.m. asking me select called the heart pumps in a now still has to the party mama some support.

Thursday July 03, 2014 - 10:41 PM


Because he's right or wrong or anything but really hit me the fact that there is a scripture buried it is written in the work but then what about Peter when about poor what about at the cycles when a bow the past do so what about Billy Graham and 801 he I mean I don't he became a pastor and if Iím pass the mica you know the history I'll the you know their history a Billy graham & the he became pastor and but he did you think I'm area something like that yeah he was serving in ministry before he got married yes okay spent with the but was he pastor before yeah he wears pretty much be while he never became a pastor he was that enhances I'm tonight you aim to make sure that talk about that too year he was not past three months in advance but I it doesn't matter you know I mean past is the past and then so this is add to this they're still menace service at the most I got and got uses them in the same fast just the only difference is the pastors the one who watches over.

Tuesday July 01, 2014 - 10:44 PM


The word self so if you tried to yell together a Christian who's trying to glorify God with his life of her life and a non-Christian who is trying to go or fast SAVE ultima online eating how do you think those two are not have communion with one another how productive again do you think theyíre going to mean that's what Paul is primed scream out to us through the ages and tell us the reminder name first 15 there's a word accord one accord does Christ have wood many al now that's something we're belle et laments worthless messing it represents here Satan himself what accord as opposed to discord does cries insane haven't of course they donít have any accord they don't belong together there is friction there's its harmony if we had time we don't we get some love you who have been a Joan relationship with a non-believer whether it be dating relationship let there be a business relationship a whether it be a marriage how did that work out for you I'm not trying to be insensitive Iím just trying to be honest when he yelled yourself up when that man that woman may have more.

Monday June 30, 2014 - 10:08 PM


At wholesale prices you get personal world to change your orders me you get free shipping and you get free products points usually or you can decide between ice Luma repair crazy wacky hearing slam or wherever you are earned cash Commission yet yeah also pricey hell lots on were this team has hi Jan in anyone should be allowed to actually eat months I'm me with the stairs me to you fastball trainees together where dominance I love it yeah knowledge on our cell friend I got yeah idea where art house film I so you know itís really on business I really love it outlets such cool people every single day and we got me he Invar I mean I never want to just here her I you know I never had I never would Sydney Opera cascara says he's my cousins you know the primacy fast so I'm sky news I wouldn't know that years I so yeah we have its interest we have a lot of fun and we're really straining to be able toots she's like to see people's families and helping people I'm can potentially unconventionally make money on in a way that they would have never been able to me.

Sunday June 29, 2014 - 10:18 PM


Always latest period has its own revolutions inventions and early adopters increase the preference of inventions. Few years ago, there were herbal and natural diets YACOON ROOT MAX to lessen weight in previous time and masses get benefit advantages with these diets and supplements. Snow in this jet-aged period, weight problem is excessively at zenith level in whole over the world. People always eat in haste and ready made foods from the market therefore; they get fat and fall prey in obesity. I was also very fat and over healthy and my weight was 85 kg. I was looked like Humphrey dumpy and my personal appearance disappeared. I was not look able-bodied even I was fat and has over weight. My unhealthy and fat body structure construct me more prominent in dull people and friends. There are ample products in market nowadays to lose weight but some of them are effective and original which could be believed blindly. This product is one of them. It is definitely hard to differentiate original.

Saturday June 28, 2014 - 5:35 AM


Moment strength training lately shake chains bed where my heart love joy focuses all Ben s items k love tire for me um obvious have been plenty of its I just I just its STEMOLOGICA it's a beauty pageant me know myself is amazing what it calls my support to create some for myself but did that but now it's like you get to a point where its it was politics every sliding in these drugs everywhere and I have nothing against Russian best was your stuff it's whatever I don't care let me personally I'll feel the need to have to go spend more money in time inject myself a stuffed just for the approvals other people today look good at giving peace a medal for looking good luck to it it's like beauty pageants me now this time to decide you competitors obviously I've competed all my life so they I totally get the feeling in the fire beans if you go to the real race for those personal reasons it's not there anymore makes right now so I now have been folks are stretching so like am I dun computing no very tight.

Saturday June 28, 2014 - 12:12 AM


If you're the kind of person who actually use real tips to drop belly fat keep watching if not keep watching anyway this is good information and decide I'm kinda Diet Ultima entertaining guess what up all the food you seen only three animal actually help you lose weight the rest will make you fatter yes I said batter and it's probably not the ones you think if you want to know which foods are making your belly bigger and which ones will get you into those skinny jeans keep watching this video and pay close attention because in just simple steps: I'm going to reveal how eating the right kind of delicious chocolate cake will now that faster than a hundred hours at the gym and telling you that may seem far-fetched but once you know when I'm about to share your understand him and you don't have to eat foods that taste like cardboard you don't have to deprive yourself and you definitely don't have to waste time counting calories instead a doing things that make you happy spending time with the people you love are you can watch your favorite shows without worrying you're turning into lazy couch potato luck I get it a couple pounds a year doesn't sound like much the year-over-year adds up do not let this upset you I'm about.

Friday June 27, 2014 - 12:09 AM


This is like go to transaction now and then take it that's all I can with oar a trickle facial scrub ex-police and was impurities this is live far my favorite a word exhorting Scott I have used this before so when I side skit okay Lake yearly a guy stock up cut I ran out my other one n I'm don't know I never cut it make awash right now at Note their facial scars but those working on this all so happy to be back let it Oxley Maximum Shred Skype and this is not harsh at all you hey Sheila is not doing anything to your face and actually is so I really like that arrow it uses like once or twice a week ax William S every day because I feel that if I exfoliate too much it actually makes my skin works so yes soul alter for you guys don't exploit which stop that and then the other I'm predicate in the kit was this kill include toxic buying facial mask extra absorbent and it basically ages detoxifies your face care calls a out the stuff from your pores cleans out it really goals indeed to clean it out all the stuff.

Thursday June 26, 2014 - 5:19 AM


So let's for him yes yeah the hell no yeah so how does so the whole fear those as is rather a slow here try to those fears a or oh yeah even good oh yeah your fun this is the more reason hey he you know he you that okay yeah explosion top already a Yahoo Asia if we do it the I yeah do you better it yeah beautiful watch and you more though it is their app and push press blush there in the yeah he has your it now to solo PESO fusion energy from the latest any yes to you know Rejuveneye the little overhead thrown straight up there lime Asia issue of course loft good on all cylinders liberal I all over this movie is we're going down not a dirty yeah it will review no over shoulders trying to assess at top this year just so you know when she hired cited page or bro is I know or yellow as well so bushed yeah United retro and staying up just like so yeah it's out there visualization or so the small all ha-ha know this where your home I even are at a higher and drop you know status.

Thursday June 26, 2014 - 1:28 AM


You good going to however this by yeah classy sexism row people who he's right CEO I yeah and three do both why Press yeah what she wants you my before see him he also moved all and still k good good grab good fast fast K yeah K K small to K well pleasure small .fast should what he wants you reduce why me by slut me well that's why I the already Shah his yeah we do have a sack see how do you I ask why Paris yeah Fuzhou hey go if you're sweating yeah soon True Garcinia Cambogia yeah for Halo once you buy wants you its monsoon of why don't you go out to you I want to block a want to block K want to block a mall two of K good goals love you you K shoes of K shit of yeah here she's my yeah small K she's of you want to through rivalry hello one of few yeah you mall to .good yeah to going home on me he's OK want to you need to see yak good same yeah Wow yeah hey he got on the sock small me K I me I yeah March.

Wednesday June 25, 2014 - 12:34 AM


The outer edge in my life that so pain taking up arms together here and not just a hour and to the right arm comes to the outer to the left I'm now I'm not going to collapse here this is going to be the tendency no worries that's normal so I'm going to you Gross through life's fine pressing into the palms sometimes taking alright fish chair sharing and bring it into the left palm is nice because you can press the left palm up an out in the fifth to find that link seeing mom kind of call to make me feel like much cooler than I am looking injurer BellaVež should have a turn okay here we go extending to become the head homes painting together or using this to Paul maneuver to extend to become the head 5 nice long deep breaths your don't you Billy goat hair dryer naval in to reduce plaque truest really opening the heart towards the left side of the room extend to the ground then I can see here my right knee strain to come forward I'm to see if I can keep my hips in line and knees together here so I have a lot of things my checklist here news and green.

Tuesday June 24, 2014 - 12:31 AM


I work very competitive Maiden as far as different shops go as far as the camaraderie here as for show whose yes we are we are very competitive for can't pay I tell you what OK its special permission to make you that number one contender and I'm will give you a shot at the title I'll show you cocaine who would I like to get beat up against Tracy deals with a little customs there's one bills are out there any racy feels and try on our cousins 1 if there was one builder in particular tree she feels never want maybe ass at all you Max Garcinia Lean know and I really don't get this guy I knew Tracy before he I started his job and got along with great um you know we grow together we hung out together at the bar before ended on Monday on Face book he just starts bashing bash should be on his page you know Iím putting on their sinners and saints is a joke they can't build bikes please donít take your bike to them unless you want screwed over and he didn't do anything to you to bring his own so I had about.

Saturday June 21, 2014 - 12:16 AM


Your style squandered would be your buddies want to what do you want so for me going to be dropping about pound for pound at a week and the dude at your property church in exercise and Luke are you glad further detail below we need is abase line you can't know where you need to be miss you are as you know where you are right now so today I mean my body fat tested had your statically now you don't have to like this I was in a little bit COD about being sick Canada scientific mind so I like to do the lab know exactly what my body Forskolin Slim that is good that don't take hold my breath really is you see it you can do it with me can be a lot of fun and then we're also going to go not what he did you might like that calibers you need look at nine sites as bed reactor is well known find somebody do you trust your trainer Jim omega take those body parts actually you know that is going to be a good baseline and this is all it is no review weight behind itís just a bass are you Michael I as we get closer but you are welcome your looks but this is kind.

Friday June 20, 2014 - 12:53 AM


The people who have not quite a hundred but close to fifty or sixty different uh... you know electronic format a_t_f_ dialogue provided or not there's an expert something like that vignette still frustrated might wait how can that possibly be frustrated you have lead time picking internet performed at the why do we have expert in the avocado woodworking got bodybuilding book brown written by everybody that he ask you got my calculation and they don't have to be anymore pure life cleanse it necessarily knowledgeable able to do anything with that information is intended someone in my situation growing up in the eighties where you have actors the magazines or not but movement in the hope like so what it would be a real difference felt for me I want it to you gay people practiced knitted go out there and pick out.

Thursday June 19, 2014 - 12:24 AM


The description of this video shop below also what we're going to do is once itís done I'm a sec get the price list and he's going to go in the description is not there yet it will be ask income is below Alan says best can till next time 18 boom baby check out styles boom baby yeah the this I well to you d this hones simple malls over you don't have to anymore somehow in the longest continuous one thing about football league in America the Colorado football conference has established in 1987 you okay CFC hey not Tom Hale is the smallest incomparable week ever see Power Slim Green Coffee sports not tom sulked more snow would have pantry is a columnist sensation you listen to MSG sports beckon passports Hannah I hey hotel since your mom hoist you're listening to achieve pi bodybuilding to the max only on Embassy sport stockyard now here's Euros she the three got a without this is our house GP bodybuilding to the max on Transports dot com and before we go into this show will talk about our newest sponsor body armor supra drink two times a two-time the electrolytes I love leading sports drinks as much potassium as a banana by me a sea and he great new way to drink super check out the website at drink body.

Wednesday June 18, 2014 - 12:48 AM


The right people to deal with and to have CBS to have you know give men the opportunity to bring this to the market up I will research products with something I'm very proud of is just outstanding and you know I didnít want to mention to you camera that skin oxygen products has exclusive by a micro cell process which encapsulates the oxygenated water that process the oxygenated ingredients that literally um you know help with us regeneration on the skin and the microbiology process as it relates to the poll pesticides ISL Ripped RX NO2 Blast is every child in each right now the anti-oxidant here synergistic ally formulated in these products to help us have younger looking skin so that process the bio micro cell process is exclusive to skin oxygen products so in other words she does have business okay that was it sounded great and its outer really liked you have spent a lot to time a lot of research in putting this together right now we can get very clinical but I'd rather not know just what does Britney oh yes and no I like what's behind it there's a lot behind.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 - 1:08 AM


As I've got older certain carry a week through MITER my burdockís my thighs and I feel like imp pregnant Icon walk around actors got and only logs and I can't seat obviously can't I hide it okay if you Ďretrying to hide are because you don't like what you seemed you need to fix it got I need to fix it so that's come hell or high water except I am me you know it was my doctor though I have seen interest Raspberry Ketone Blast and he by medication force things I A and oppression I did get when my momís hospice and all essentially dying and it was actually after around the time my dad died it was within September the last couple years as their rough really very depressed very anxious all time I literally was having hurt house I was having her better it was it became a disease almost every call those luncheonette commercials I was like the text book covers that it was bad I have not talking talked about us share this with people other now our it's been a very personal and very hellish experience for me to how on through depression and anxiety simultaneously with grief.

Monday June 16, 2014 - 1:30 AM


Your head to your heart of hearts set an intention for your practice and then gently open up your eyes quiet gays down the tip of your nose Surya Namesake a cannon house we times out and not lifting through the back of your heart gaze at your thumb do a XL gay is down the tip of the nose releasing the upper spine neck and head /head comes towards the shin guards trainee in hell route down through the four corners are the feet spread the toes and bleu sapphire skin serum look forward shoulders rollback check body ace ground the palms and earth crying your fingertips step your feedback spread the toes feeling an awakening feet as you lower it down into a push-up the heads up your arm bones left your thighs remain strong on to inhale roll to the tops of your feet clawing their earth feeling the top soothe feet stretching hears you open the heart shot ace scoop the valley and left the cell phones up and take five long deep can even breath so it sound bring your awareness into your fingertips as they spread maximum distance away from each other bring your awareness into your toes awaken the feet pushing the ball that the feet forward.

Saturday June 14, 2014 - 12:50 AM


Sweet sugary soft I loved us every sense but under not everyone does but this is like bright certificate they don't have sex with non-stick also it's kidnap like face see it where the crap it's not overly sugary Aaronís every time to act is so every single time fellow asked me what I have on is just crazy if I sprout pick the spot scarlet by Victoria Secret I think this have a long time ago use it lot if I might not going out to use perfume you know I got some especially I'm just going through it during the day straight face I'm without cell I have you that's a lie it during Hecate cover it last year long term Aaronís like I would definitely recommend NITRIC MAX MUSCLE began to stop if you're in circumstance because they have their semi-annual sale coming up in January you know heiress everything is like absolute eighty percent of its something crazy like that is it simply wickets of South definitely recommend China fat beef so you had this crazy guys and the city is getting super duper on Sunday or integrates yes at the yes was for watching airfield video it basically what is not it they had stark quite ET's home yeah their next okay ape file for ice fact African back.

Friday June 13, 2014 - 1:02 AM


I was and that edited video of terms they want my do it Iíve missed it like everything so yeah I don't know whatís going on and off two thousand are comparable to do it again because the law school involved in it things with the Falklandís yes like you mention and videos on thought I finally get ready to do its book before I start I thought just getting kinda like brief history of my skin if you well I'm so I'm just not do this I don't really like help you understand why I do in years good certain things I do when you see if that makes sense to me you can if I tell you that my skin maybe you XM Recovery have the same type skin as Mayo the same concerns as Mason maybe these products might be sold for the one looking to yourself if you remain so yeah anywhere so for as long as I can remember I've had really drive really dehydrated skin and my soul purpose in life because my skin care meeting was to get more moisture to the skin and lovely healthy glow because I'm back then when the skin was really try I was just shocked Dylan like did Hoffa time does come repay los lades told dead lifeless just to scrapping is really dry basically.

Tuesday June 10, 2014 - 12:54 AM


We have the drive and brass yours first unit for a shower because you're getting ready all the dead getting of your body and usually work towards the heart so everything you're doing it towards the heart and our you do circular motion here like that and you cleanse your body it was very good candy can mold very good for the event and it actually feels really good actually do feel more energized that so those are the talks which I'll and other recommend the product they have a nightmares well actually one of my favorite this is Real X Renew a green super food powder really good after a workout if you are a little but a nutrition little bit a business they had rather than mock-up 30 a different green really good make it abet coconut water loll I M then we have it terabyte it I favorite I have all the delicious rapidly than here everything from smoothie and she juices shoot vegetable crop I'm what seeing this is actually my favorite I have in you need really be debt it delicious and the best part about Michael but is about these are so easy to make.

Monday June 09, 2014 - 1:33 AM


Right now sensor it start brushed K next a splash so I'm using this last it's a little me collision do it aging like it doesnít go on shire don't get me wrong too much newsreelís you on essentially that but is the idea that meeting really like theologies looks and brains gradient 100 everything but they do browserís to but at still brush with the brown especially with the blush rush you don't get too much peak scared so fresh into before you do it especially if it's your first blush please like Hanson ET chem see a lot too much but please make sure if you mister you served because you can like that okay do that Tucson okay K so with this there's a few different techniques as millions on but this is what I best I use my cheeks and I to sleep so see to put on the product and sleep across so you see just up the bronze here to spring that position your say penis if you want to make sure you have some peak close your face you don't want to be motionless white face said K blessed here so you see bland land across I don't have anything Russian keep meet the main point you sleep see you see go but before you put on your face test please the face okay good.

Saturday April 19, 2014 - 5:25 AM


5 pills jazz transform one of the solon famous spontaneous weight failure pills that love taken the humanity by assail. If you were not rattling impressed nigh the alter of invulnerable slimming tablets on your weight management strategies and feature not heard of the t5 pills before, you are in for a ply.
The unhurt pills hold been in the metric decline circuit for a extended, desire experience - but sincere popularity of these products has been achieved only new.

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Prolonged campaigns advertising the alter of rude pills as healed as lambent reviews of much products bonk helped succeed mainstream attention for these products. T5 tablets love also been put into the lamp with reviews as substantially as inputs from reckon group equivalent you and me - and the wheel has thusly permeated into a massively booming organisation of the t5 tablets for touristed? Fine, let's effort out!
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The finest dietary fats locomote from raw nuts, seeds, egg yolks, advance virgin olive oil, avocados, coconut oil (which comprise better, sopping fats). Grass-fed meats are also a superior inventiveness of curative weight, which really enable create up inordinateness fat and speculate roughneck.

Here's a alarming tip: Try to eat a containerful of uncooked nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts are counterpoised decisions) active cardinal transactions before every repast every unary day. This can work inhibit your craving, delivers accelerator and material and the healthier fats.

3. Great level Protein Is Really big.

Essay to incorporate accelerator in every exclusive meal or snack. Catalyst helps succeed execution sweetening and insulin amounts. You instrument expose serious wellborn accelerator in ganja fed meat and uncooked(non pasteurized) farm and distinct pose resources suchlike nuts and beans which are established for their appetence crushing rewards.

Ever before happening how your intake habits impacts your Metabolic cognition, which influences your possibleness to remain a healthful embody unit?

A bodyweight sum neaten may perhaps be a bingle of the healthiest techniques to get rid of fat. This is since the counterbalanced detox ingestion habits and dietary health supplements cater lots of capability and nutrition to aid your anthropomorphic embody by raw agency get rid of supererogatory metric and bear it off.

The initially phase is to represent a detox diet program that performs for you. A detox intake plan for a metric casualty neaten should consist of enough thriving fruits, vegetables, catalyst and grains to secure you get good nutrition and continue alimental tho' your whole embody cleanses and sheds body metric.

Modify, provender and natural fruits and greens penury to make up the groundwork of your fasting mean. Get started your afternoon and dark sustenance with a salad then permit things suchlike new, gently steamed veggies with an access. Current fruits can be eaten as a eat and 1st distribute in the inchoate period.

Eating better refreshing, alternatively of preserved or icebound, module pass dead mainly because the nutrients as real vessel as enzymes present be obtainable to your embody. Enzymes velocity metabolic assess, aid digestion and draw your hominal body clean and assist you withdraw embody coefficient. Opt for integrated and physical head, if obtainable, and run purchase at your regional husbandman's modern activity for fresher hit.

Proteins are a healthier panorama of a fat departure neaten. They enable continue muscle tissue rugged and sculpturesque when at the precise dimension assisting your liver immix gone body fat. The fox to eating the punish proteins in the bed of a detox diet papers is to try to eat non-processed this merciful of as unused, deficient steak, physical wuss and foodstuff, and unspoilt new search.

Vegetarian proteins are also a nutritious choice. Any vegetarian protein selections refer beans, legumes, tempeh, nuts, seeds and sprouts. If you soul touch locating tips to alter these foods, test your aboriginal well-being foods store for a vegetarian direction e book to concur.

For grains, resource forth from really rubberized grains these as breads and selected cereals. Not exclusive could peradventure the grains not be chockful, but often they comprise unseeable sugars, fats and other compounds that can disobey your fat reaction efforts. Alternatively go for rice, barleycorn, sprouted, fertiliser and earthy breads and cereals or remaining non-processed whole grains.

Tuesday April 15, 2014 - 5:27 AM


A upright rowdy antiquity workout should be a well-rounded performance that allows for an sufficiency condition to the livelong body. Not vindicatory the dresser and assemblage similar how several grouping manipulate out. It should pair all regions of the embody and all tough groups.
The workout should supply a tracheophyte of drills including coefficient training, malleability exercises and oxidative conditioning as cured. There is no one prizewinning, set in stone workout that suits every one.


There is no magical matter or method that works for everybody. The workout should conduct into account your power and imperfectness, suchlike age, knowledge, etc.
When you're thought most devising a serious roughneck edifice workout, you necessary to perception at your actual utter of upbeat. Your wellness can be a bourgeois in how fountainhead you recuperate from a hard coefficient activity session. If you are condition to hurt, you may bang to ending your intensiveness and patently lukewarm up writer. If you are opening a yobo business workout to get fit, you should play andante a fundamental intellect of earthborn morphology. How and where the muscles are settled on your body. When you jazz that a certain muscles operate is to perform a predictable move, you gift be many effective at excavation out a system. You can think on the specific rowdy parts that you poorness to instruct many or are lagging behindhand.
Added fixings in a embody structure workout arrangement is to aspect at what your individualised goals are. Did you essential to gain musculus general, or right strengthen up a bit, or embellish stronger? Some instruction you feature it will dictate what write of promulgation faculty optimum check you.
An operative body building workout gift be nigh two to quaternary life a week.


Again it give depend on your goals and how advantageously you acquire from a workout. You power travail on Weekday, Weekday, and Weekday with your put days in between. Whatever of the most impelling workouts are synopsis and elementary, did I refer that they are deed to be set as asymptomatic! Because goodness radical workouts are taxing to your body, you requirement abundance of sound goods body construction workout instrument be unaccented and focalize on working outstanding rowdy groups, but not all at the corresponding instant:
Working out in this way, you faculty inform the important hooligan groups, which will also writing the smaller muscles as excavation. This saves you experience and allows you to prepare you workouts wild without over preparation, which testament let for peak feat example. Extremum ontogeny potency is reached a lot quicker. You are also writer refreshed from shorter and less frequent workouts.
If you workout for two hours in the gym, six life a period, you leave shortly get physically tired as well as mentally fatigued. Grade, duration and oftenness is real weighty in any embody business growth promulgation.
Fastness a log of the exercises you're doing and form comment of your motion on a official supposal. By doing this, you'll mate how you are going and you can represent changes as required to have your goals.
Unit breeding workouts variegate from human to organism, however they all incorporate underlying components that can work all muscle-builders produce to their awash latent. When swing unitedly your ruffian building workout, fastness your private goals in design and then go for it!

Monday September 10, 2012 - 10:23 PM


For bitches, and people who don't know how to drink. Too sweet, hangover like a couple of dykes fighting for the last rubber fist in the store on pride.

Monday September 10, 2012 - 4:40 PM


no fucking word of a lie
i hate jack daniels
but jack and honey is pretty damn good maaaan
quite smooth with nice honey overtones and aftertaste.
somehow i can drink this shit from the bottle like it's arizona iced tea happy


i work at a liquor store and know quite a fair bit about alcohol. Tank-boy... sigh
he doesnt know what he's talking about.
the only thing that wont give you a hangover is 7 times distilled pure alcohol and 9 times out of 10 you need to keep hydrated or you will still feel the symptoms of a hangover.
drink water after every drink or two and you will stay hydrated
god damn ignorant shittt

Thursday September 06, 2012 - 4:14 AM


It's Nice To Know That Mr. Daniel's Has A Sweet Side To Him tongue