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Purerave - for ravers and partiers


The supported emoticons are listed below. There are secret emoticons not listed.

Code Result
:) smile
;) wink
:( frown
:D happy
:\ oh well
:P tongue
::angry:: angry
::angel:: angel
::blush:: blush
::confused:: confused
::crazy:: crazy
::evil:: evil
::finger:: finger
::heart:: heart
::kiss:: muah
::lol:: lol
::licks:: licks
::lix:: licks
::love:: love
::muah:: muah
::puke:: puke
::rolleyes:: roll eyes
::tired:: tired
::wow:: wow
::zzz:: tired

Purerave Codes

These are the supported codes:


Available colours are: red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink, gray. [red]this text is red[/red]. Result:
this text is red


To create a link simply start the link with "http://". Email links are created automatically.


To insert an image use [image][/image]

Images also have an additional attribute which can make them float either right or left. To make an image float right or left use [image:right] or [image:left], respectively, as the opening code. Floating images works best with small images. The image code should come before any text as the text will then wrap around the image.


To quote: [quote]this text is quoted[/quote]. Result:

this text is quoted


[b]this text is bold[/b]. Result:
this text is bold


[i]this text is italic[/i]. Result:
this text is italic


[u]this text is underlined[/u]. Result:
this text is underlined


[center]this text is centered[/center]. Result:

this text is centered