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Purerave - for ravers and partiers
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  Regular CS/CS Lite
Import Entries   yes
Community Supporters have the ability to import journal entries from either a previously exported Purerave journal or from LiveJournal.
Inbox Message Limit 50 150
The inbox message limit is enforced whenever the inbox is accessed. All of the messages that pass your current limit, and are not saved, will be deleted.
Search   yes
Saved Messages 5 20
Saved inbox messages are not deleted when the message limit is reached.
Banner Ads Throughout CS: Home Page
Lite: Throughout
Custom Dictionary   yes
Community Supporters can also add words and maintain a custom dictionary to be used with the spell checker.
No Flood Control   yes
Flood control enforces a 15 second time limit between messages and comments. Community Supporters are exempt from the flood control.
Uploads per Month 80 Unlimited
The number of images an account can upload per calendar month.
Hidden Albums   yes
Community Supporters have the ability to create Private & Hidden albums. Such albums are hidden from members who are not given access to them.
Online Colour Purple Red
Regular account holders appear as purple names on the Members Online list on the home page, while Community Supporters appear in red.
Change Login   yes
Community Supporters have the ability to change their own login name as they please.
Buddies 100 150
Community Supporters can have to up 150 buddies.
Classified Ads 2 Unlimited
Ads are deleted after 30 days. Regular account holders can only have 2 ads at any given time.
Cost Free CS: $25 CAN / yr
Lite: $10 CAN / yr
That's $2.08 CAN a month!