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Aug 20 - Aug 26/Funkgus - Psytrance Party featuring Darwish

Title: Funkgus - Psytrance Party featuring Darwish
Promoter: Acid Reign Productions
Date & Time: Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 10:00pm to 9:00am
Lineup: Saturday, August 26th, Save the date. Darwish is flying in from Isreal for their Canadian debut! Acid Reign will be bringing the fungal funk all night and late into the morning.

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Line up:
👑DARWISH👑 Isreal - HOMmega (Official), Circle Of Life
Darwish is one of Israel’s busiest DJ, and considered as one of the spiritual fathers of Israel’s vibrant scene.
David was drawn to music since an early age, growing up with a gifted pianist as a mother. At eighteen of age David began performing at friend�s gatherings and quickly made a breakthrough into more commercial raves. In 1997, he started organizing nature parties, pioneering a new scene. His parties are important milestones for the Israeli trance scene. David was also one of the founders of the electronic label Domo Records � releasing compilations, singles as well as his own production in Israel and abroad.

For the past twelve years, Darwish has been producing and remixing electronic music - Creating individual music style that combines electronic trance music with unique ethnic, acoustic, rhythmic elements driven uplifting vocals & percussions.

👑Jack in the Box👑 Mexico - Blacksheep Records
Festival favourite Jack in the Box, fresh from Berlin has played in all over in festivals and clubs like Iboga Label After Party, Ometeotl Festival, The Aeon Gathering Regenesis, A�o Cero Festival, Poison Festival and more.
Being on tour 6 times around Europe and 5 in South America , playing in parties at Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Brasil, Peru and more, had played in many clubs and festivals such as Spirit Base 2013 & 2016 (Hun), Samsara Festival Europe 2016 (Hun) ,Life Celebration 2013 (Cro),Open Sense Festival 2014 (Aus), Club Comm� (Madrid), Fluc (Vienna) , Weberkenecht 2013,2014,2015,2016 (Vienna) , R19 (Berl�n ) , Raumstation ( Switzerland ), Die Kantine (Vienna) , Enjoy (Switzerland) , UG Bulach ( Switzerland) ,Stairs Club (Zurich),Gutenberg Club (Zurich),.
In South America he has been in Club Real House 2014 (Lima), Deluxe Club 2015 (Campinas - SP), Nectars (S�o Carlos - SP), Club A 2015 ,2016 (S�o Paulo - SP), Malam Hari Club (Bal. Rinc�o � SC),Out of Control Itauna - MG).

👑Brian D. Longmire👑 B2B 👑M45👑 - Trance Sessions
👑Davide Ferrara👑 - Ōlim Productions, Paradox Sounds
👑Audi �toffe👑 - Acid Reign Productions, ESP

An intimate night of Psytrance. And a very special event.
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Sound Xchange
19+ P.L.U.R.
$30 at the door all night
Advance $25 tickets: PayPal.Me/AcidRP/25
(Details subject to change)

Venue: Sound Xchange, 2nd floor, 421 Dundas West
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Admission: $25
Extras: Licensed Area, 19+, 300 Capacity, 1 Room(s), Special/Rave
Ticket Outlets: