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Oct 9 - Oct 15/Heads Will Roll

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Tuesday October 18, 2011 - 9:28 AM


Fun party, well-thrown with a great lineup.
I will definitely attend another of your events, Plurtastik.

Monday October 17, 2011 - 2:26 PM


too many cupcakes.

Monday October 17, 2011 - 10:13 AM


Awesome event, esp for first timers!

Dynamic and Virus killed it smile

I came from Ottawa and had a blast. Nice to see my TO friends again and rock out to some good tunes.

Sound was pretty good and I liked the venue. My only gripe is that there was seemingly no hazer/fogger so the money spent on light/laser rentals went to waste.

Looking forward to your next event! I hope people enjoy the pile of CDs I gave away smile

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 11:13 PM


Props to the deco set-up team, you guys were super efficient happy Aside from the initial set back with the audio, everything appeared to run pretty smoothly all night. All the DJ's played great sets and the crowd was loving it.

Sorry I couldn't stick around for tear-down frown Can't wait for you guys to do it again! smile


Sunday October 16, 2011 - 3:07 PM




♥ ♫

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 2:22 PM


the toronto electronic collective aka album art missing aka mos def would like to thank you all for staying right through to 5am to get freaky with us.

remember, mushroommike and memrx love you!

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 1:53 PM


reeeaallyy gooood! happy

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 1:50 PM


A fantastic night, and a great first effort from Plurtastik (and hopefully not the last). Good friends, good vibes, and good tunes!

Set of the night has to go to Dynamic, who absolutely destroyed that place.

My one and only singular gripe is with the guys who were on after Virus. I understand the need to hook up your Traktor Scratch control box. What I don't understand is why you felt the need to unplug the recorder, which was plugged into one of the master outputs. What if that had been the sound system? The back of all Pioneer mixers are clearly labelled with Channel 1, 2, 3, and 4. I'm not entirely sure how you confused Master Out with Channel Whatever, but please don't do it again.

Great job Plurtastik, and I'm really looking forward to the next one! happy

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 1:17 PM


Thank you everyone for throwing together such a fantastic night!! happy

Amazing crowd full of energy!
Amazing organizers who looked like they were enjoying every second of this event!
And last but not least,
Absolutely amazing music being pumped out by some of he best dj's in the scene today.

Thank you for all the hard work guys! cant wait to see what you surprise us with next!

Sunday October 16, 2011 - 12:45 PM


Super much respect to Plurtastik for their first (but hopefully not last) AWESOME rave! Could not have been happier with the night.

Toronto has a bitchin' new promoter!