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Aug 5 - Aug 11/Shambhala Music Festival 2007

Title: Shambhala Music Festival 2007
Promoter: Farmboy Productions
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 8:00am to 12:00am
Lineup: Z Trip--- Rock Electro Hip Hop Mash up
Doc Martin Live--- HOUSE LEGEND
Bassbin Twins--- Old Skool Breaks LEGEND
Krafty Kuts--- Funky Breaks Jams
Rennie Pilgrim--- NU SKOOL BREAKS
Adam Freeland--- Special Electro house set
Fort Knox Five vs. Thunderball--- Bootleg Specialists
All Good Funk Alliance--- B-boy funk party Jams
A.S.S. (Aphrodesia Sound System)--- Afro Hip Hop FUNK
tipper--- Originator of GLITCH
Lace--- VJ Mixing and west coast techno
Bassnectar--- WHOMP WHOMP yeeowyeeow
Bil Bless--- Glitchy Techno Breaks
Journeyman and Barcode--- Ragga Farter Breaks
Heavyweight Dub Champion--- Live Electronic DUB
Bluetech--- Beautiful electronic Dubtempo
Random Rab--- Live P.A. Beautifully melancholy
Brother--- Outerspacial Shaman Breaks
Rena Jones--- Live electronica violin
Danny--- Glicth, Grime, downtempo
El Papa Chango--- Brazillian hip hop, latin grime
Yannis--- Trance
Stephane Holweck--- Trance
Treavor (Moontribe)--- Progressive
Solar--- Trance
Andrew (Interchill)--- PsyDub and world beat
Stereotype from Wicked Lester--- Mellow Hardcore and funk rock
Small Town Djs--- Bootlegs cheese to pleese
Bitchin with Mama Miche and Kenzie Clarke--- bass gritty Party rockers
Mat the Alien--- Scratched up Hip Hop
Jon Delerious--- Deep House
Golden Delicious Crew--- Variety of party rockers
Wax Romeo and Neighbour--- Baltimore and DISCO FUNK
Team Canada and Mc Emotionz--- Hip Hop
Lex of LGM--- Psy trance and Ambient
Arthur Funkareli--- Punk Funk Ska
Adham Shaikh--- Ethno World Groove
Craig Mullin--- House
Nemesis--- High Octane House, Electro House, & Breaks Anthems

Venue: Salmo River Ranch
Location: Salmo, British Columbia, Canada
Info: 250 352 7623
Admission: $120 early bird, $175 adv
Extras: Licensed Area, Concessions, All Ages, 8500 Capacity, 5 Room(s), Special/Rave