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Nov 5 - Nov 11/Night Lights

Title: Night Lights view flyer in a new window

Promoter: Newmindspace
Date & Time: Friday, November 10, 2006 - 7:00pm to 11:59pm
Lineup: Due to light pollution, some of our night lights have disappeared! To bring back the sky’s twinkle, we have decided to make some stars of our own. Join us for an evening of starcraft, constellation installation, hot cocoa and a tower of light visible from across the city. Please bring glowy things and a camera!

Stars - Approximately 250 LED’s will be suspended from helium balloons to create an artificial starscape, creating our own constallations and a twinkling Milky Way that should be visible for miles.

String of Diamonds - Long strings of LED’s will be suspended from a weather balloon. As the wind and participants move the cord, the string will appear to glitter.

Faeries - Much like the shoes hanging from our telephone wires, pairs of LED’s will be strung together and hung from trees in Queen’s Park like couples of faeries.

(fly)light by Pearl Chen - An animatrix sphere of 500 green LED’s.

Venue: King's College Circle, 15 King's College Circle
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Info: (416) 875-4795
Admission: No Cover
Extras: No Licensed Area, All Ages, 10000 Capacity, 3 Room(s), Special/Rave