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Oct 22 - Oct 28/Vampire Stripper Sluts From Outer Space

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Saturday November 04, 2006 - 9:06 PM


true old school vibe...

(90% of the kids we met recognized my bf from when he used to dj at the level way back in the day)

forget the drunks wandering off bourbon, the crack dealers, and the all too common "im goin to get fucked up to look cool... i mean... the media says raves=drugs... dude.. i am such a bad ass!!!". these had become fixtures of the state palace scene... creating a scary vibe... PLUR was dead there... only a handfull of scene vets would even bother..

But the venue?

well.. whildchild did the visuals (oohhohh myyy.. !!!) (Insane!!)

And the crowd was only people who 1: keep up with the scene enough to know it was hapening 2:wanted it bad enough to go that little extra out of the way..

i missed baby anne, but Irene ROCKED...

Ferry played for 3 or 4 hours.. at the end of his set.. when he played "punk".. was possibly the happiest moment of life...

the positive vibe, mutual energy, and unimaginable adreniline rush that consumed the whole room...

check out alex's pics from the night:
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(oh.. if you see yourself or a friend in a pic.. let me know about any name changes we need to make..)