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Oct 29 - Nov 4/Addiction: A Drum & Bass Injection

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Wednesday November 15, 2006 - 1:58 PM


yeh mik's is dopne.... but where else are we gonna have dnb nights here? .... If anyone has any suggestions or leads hit me up n tell me.... PLEASE!!!! lol

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 3:11 PM


had lots of fun
first time performing out of toronto
good to see another city jamming some bod dnb
big up ABV and JungleKandee

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 9:33 AM


good night started slow but it picked rite up well i have to say alex killed it his set was soo fuckin good last nite but i say fuck mikados that place is so done .. but last nite was pumpin!!!!!! good job C THEE UK SHOWING THE FUCKIN NIAGARA HOW THEY DO