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Sep 24 - Sep 30/Infected Mushroom

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Monday December 18, 2006 - 1:14 PM


Oh my god. Infected Mushrooms in Toronto.
I coudln't have asked for anythign more perfect.
i definatly got there earily to get into the VIP lounge
but found out that the VIP lounge wasn't going to
get let into the main room untill like 12:30
so we went into the regular room. the place was PACKED
people from wall to wall, even the smoking area outside was
packed. but when Infected Mushroom got onstage, the
crowd went wild. i made myself as close to the front as i
could get and it was literally shoulder to shoulder, chest to
back and so on. the only thing you could to was scream and jump up and down in one place!! it was totally intense
they should have deifnatly played some of their old music tho
Classical Mushroom. their new stuff is good. but i don't
appreciate it as much. like sure it takes skill to make it.
but they put so much more thought into the older stuff.

Awsome Concert Tho!! i'd see them again happy