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Oct 22 - Oct 28/Mad Hatters Revenge: The Mad Carnival

Title: Mad Hatters Revenge: The Mad Carnival view flyer in a new window

Promoter: Bionic Bubbles, Drum Syndicate, DTS, Hard Heads, HardScience, HCFTP, SSP, Zapatistas
Date & Time: Saturday, October 28, 2006 - 8:00pm to 4:00am
Lineup: Room 1: HARDCORE (Hosted by HCFTP, HardScience)

AC Slater vs Sunrize - New York, NY vs. Pittsburg, PA (PitchedUp)
SMiRK - Cincinati, OH (Rave N’Beats USA/HCFTP)
The Nice Guys - SF (K12/KFA)
HardScience (Go-Zania vs. Leon Cook)
Mexico’s Most Wanted (SideShow & Precision)
Cracker Jack vs. Joshuah (Hard Heads)
Rye Bread (DTS)
Faith Harmony (SSP)

Room 2: DRUM&BASS (Hosted by Drum Syndicate, DTS and Hard Heads)

DJ MaYheM - Atlanta, GA (RAM/Subtitles/Human Imprint/SLR)
Mumblz - NJ (Evol Intent/Cymbalism/Outbreak) ***first west coast appearance***
Company Truck - SF (Sideways/Raw Vision/
The Doctor vs Arize (DTS)
Reclipse vs Audio 1 (DTS/Drum Syndicate/Hard Heads)
Chris The Junglist (Hard Heads)
BST-ONE (Anotha Level)

Room 3: HOUSE (Hosted by The Zapatistas)

Scud Bloom - LA (Aroma/Detour/Control/CHE)
DJ Doza (Zapatistas/Phat & Phunkie/BR)
Carlos Alfonzo (Zapatistas/BR)
Base Bangers (Rob Base & Bangin’ B/Zapatisats/BR)
Riff Raff (Zapatistas/Hard Heads/BR)
Andy P vs Adam Ant (Nocturnalism/Earwacks)
Viynal Junkies (LFX & Nikko/Zapatistas/BR/Republic Sound)
Jose Carrillo (Zapatistas)

Room 4: TRANCE (Hosted by Bionic Bubbles and SSP)

S>RANGE - SWEEDEN (Liquid Records UK) *Exclusive American Live Set*
DYLOOT - SF (Deep Voices/Skills DJ Workshop)
Michael Liu - SF (Illumination Records)
Wavelength (Oneiromancy)
Tenchi (Bionic Bubbles)
Durty (Nocturnalism/Evolution)
Dj Ray vs. Dj Kyo (Divine Intervention/ETM.FM - SAC)
Joey C. (Bionic Bubbles)

Venue: TBA
Location: San Francisco, California, United States of America
Info: 415.267.4804
Admission: $30 in costume / $35 without
Extras: Licensed Area, Concessions, 16+, 2000 Capacity, 4 Room(s), Special/Rave