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Oct 29 - Nov 4/Total Request Rave

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Wednesday November 15, 2006 - 2:55 AM


THANK YOU TORONTO!!! You came out and made Total Request Rave into an absolutely amazing night and we at NC and Embedded couldn't be happier with the results.

Our apologies for the 16+ issues - we ourselves were not informed of the policy (which apparently has been on the books for years) until we arrived at the venue. For future reference, it appears that the clubs in Toronto WILL continue to enforce this legislation, so please be aware of it and bring your ID. There's nothing we can do - again, this is a law passed some time ago by Toronto City Council and only now being enforced. Some of us ARE fighting this, by the way, so don't despair!

All of the DJs and MCs were up to speed and brought some amazing tunes for the whole crew. JP and Jukesy were amazing! wow Hard and fast, just the way we like it. happy

The Request Set went fantastically well! Everyone was into it, everyone understood what to do, and the voting was fair and at times surprising - we tried to balance the tracks so that each competing set would be roughly equal in popularity (always more art than science) and it seems to have worked as each vote was quite close. A few underdogs definitely won as well! We had an absolute blast with it and it seemed you all did as well. It is definitely something we will keep in the back of our minds to bring back sometime in future. We also recorded the set and hope to have it available for download in future - keep an eye on for info. happy

Once again the vibe was incredible and as always that was due entirely to YOU, North America's happiest ravers, and I know I speak for all of NC when I say thank you for making our job so much fun. And we'll see you on New Years Eve! Kenya dig it? wink

Sunday November 12, 2006 - 10:55 AM


The party was toatally awesome. The music was great but what was with the carding. It was all ages. Stop carding. If that had not happened this party would have a 5 star

Friday November 10, 2006 - 8:39 AM


so much fun!!

Friday November 10, 2006 - 1:20 AM



Thursday November 09, 2006 - 11:20 AM


I wasn't really feeling it, I don't know why. Some personal stuff stopped me from having fun at first, so that sucked.. but afterwards I got more into it and started dancing.

Got to see a lot of my friends there which was nice.

I like the new 16+ rule, although they should have informed us about it before actually getting to the party. Because some of my friends that are over 16 didn't have their IDs and it sucks that they got kicked out.

Overall, I had a good time for some of the party, but it wasn't my favourite one ever. I left at 1:30 because I had work the next day, and I'm kind of glad I did because I wouldn't have wanted to stay all night.

I'm upset that I missed the request set though, I was looking forward to it.

Wednesday November 08, 2006 - 5:37 PM


pretty good party after all . kinda sucked at the beginning cause their wasnt many people but it got better. the 16+ rule is kinda dry for people who actually are 16+ and dont have any i.d

Wednesday November 08, 2006 - 1:53 PM


AHH this party was SOO crazy!!
im so glad we changed our mind and went to this party instead of the jungle party. i had SUCH a blast and met soo many people.

[absolutely fantabulous <3]

Tuesday November 07, 2006 - 2:34 PM



dirk; xobitch, lucy, lee,

the vibe of NC parties will ALWAYS be the best

couldn't have asked for a better party happy
and no scary sketchy ppl afterwards happy
just fun times and good people

Monday November 06, 2006 - 5:24 PM

JP & Jukesy

Kicked some SERIOUS ass. Greatest set of the night. Got to see them the following night in London too which was awesome.

Nc / Embedded: GOOD JOB! I love you guys. Greatest party up to date. Probably my favourite party so far!

So much dance music, loved it! Glad I got to help out toosmile

Best part if the night: Candy Kid meets DJ Jeph lol

I love you Jeff!

Monday November 06, 2006 - 4:48 PM


Well what can i say???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked rave, wicked people, wicked promoter, wicked country

Does wicked sum it up??!! Hell yeah !!

So much energy was involved in the night and that really shown through im even taking the Free glowstick idea back to our own party in the Uk as no one ever does that over here!!!

And then to read that so many liked our music, to say i have a big wide smile on the go at the moment that is a big understatment !!!

Thanks all for having us over and giving us a good time!!

My only disappointment....i didnt get to see a real moose or mounty! hahah but i did take a moose mounty teddy back for my daughter so that kinda counts

Anyone thats wants to keep upto date with us UK djs over here then & is the place to go !

Weve also just had a mix cd released, only about $14's and well worth it if you liked what we played, its called JP & Jukesy Tidy Weekender ten live mix

And last but no means least, we will be making our set from Total Request rave available for FREE download in 2007 (cant do it this year due to other projects, including that TW10 mix ive just spoken off)

Thats all from me, hope we can do it again sometime :-)

Kind Regards

Monday November 06, 2006 - 3:35 PM


havin been the first rave i ever went to, (and my first time poppin) i had the fckin time of my life, i had nothing to compare it to but i went to the kung-fu event in london the next night and the total request wave was farrrr better, the people in t.o. are bangin, the music was amazing, and i'll be there 1241451523414 times in the future, peace

Monday November 06, 2006 - 2:55 PM


didnt get to go. To busy moving, to bad. Hard Dance done properly would have been something to experience.

Monday November 06, 2006 - 2:45 PM


The party was freakin AWESOME!
so much rave happened lol
i had some trouble at first gettin into it as there was WAY too many uneragers rolling off their arses from the get go

but i warmed up to it .. danced my butt off and even rinsed out lol
seeing soo many familiar faces defeintly helped..

JP n Juksey effing ROCKED IT love toooo good!

the HHC total request set was pimpin!
haha soo many oldies but goodies were played heart
i haven't "raved" that hard sooo long
hahah dan i had sooo much fun kickin it ol skool with u.. i havent felt that great at a party in a longggg timesmile

Bri n Trixie were amazing lovelove seriously u guys were soo on playing..n u both dropped some wicked tunes happy
i defeintly suggest u guys play togther more .. you guys at that place rockin til the moment timmy said to shut it down love

Monday November 06, 2006 - 1:26 PM


Great party all around!!! Thanks so much fo NC and Embedded for having me out. It was a blast. Evertything seemed to go really well, great vibe and lots of crowd participation. Great sets all around from the DJ's !!!

Can't wait till next time!!

Monday November 06, 2006 - 12:02 PM


I had a great time

16+ rule is rocking

Crash, Xofer, and others played wicked sets

missed most of them somehow lol

Total Request set was great, although i was getting confused at times

Great party guys
look forward to the next one

5 (shooting) stars! lol

Monday November 06, 2006 - 9:22 AM


A very big thank-you goes out to everybody that came and supported us! I had a lot of fun, and pretty much everything went off without a hitch!

The TRR set went WAY better than I thought, in fact, I expected a full-blown catastrophe lol

All's well that ends well, eh?

Monday November 06, 2006 - 12:05 AM


Good NC and Embedded party like alwayssmile

I am also glad to see the 16+ enforced. Sorry I had to duck out a bit early, my body is getting too old for Friday nightswink

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 11:24 PM


Say whaaaaat...

Having arrived an hour late for our 11:30 (Deadfunk and I) set due to some bad traffic out of Montreal, we were pretty pleased to hear that we wouldn't have done the 6-7 hour roadtrip for nothing as someone found a slot for us.

Boy do you guys ever love your dnb... it was a pure delight hearing some of those dirtier tracks during the course of the night.

We had a great time in Toronto and I believe it showed in our set. Those of you that were present can surely tell you all about it...

Thank you NC & Embedded for this memorable night.

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 11:03 PM


Total Request Rave has been the BEST rave I've ever been too. It was simply remarkable! NC you know how to pull it off and you do it so amazingly every time. Can't wait for your next one!

Pictures are up and also at along with some "post thoughts" videos I took at Ed, and Kirby's place.

Also, this was my brothers first rave and he absolutely loved it. So thank you NC for having the best parties for new comers to experience. Keep up the awesome work!

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 10:26 PM


awesome party.

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 8:02 PM


AMAZING PARTY!!! so many good sets... well in the main room, considering i was there for umm the whole night ...
Crash threw down an AMAZING set... i loved it <3
And the total request set was better then i even expected (and i expected it to be pretty damned awesome)
Ghostbusters and abracadbra being thrown in that night just made me both laugh and sing along.. cuz i love my 80's <3 lol

After not bein able to party for 6 months... the truly was the perfect party to come back to. one of, if not THE best party i've attended <3

NC you really know how to throw together one hell of a party!!!!

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 7:54 PM


thank you all for coming! smile

JP and Jukesy were wicked, and were really impressed with how we do things here!

Stay tuned for more Embedded & NC awesomeness!

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 3:27 PM


Shmeh. I missed about half the night, so.. I can't speak for the first part of the party. But the second half was decent. =P

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 12:07 PM


Fucking awesome party as always..and wtf are u people talking about "too much hardcore"..last time I checked NC threw mainly hhc parties...if you dont kno this by now open your eyes...Didnt see all of the sets in the upstairs room cuz I was being door bitch tongue, but the few times I managed to escape I liked what I heard...and JP and Juksey rocked out..

Total request set went waaaay better than expected..cept for the shooting star vs shooting star...I was highly confused when people were holding up both colours (ok so that's what I get for not reading the cards that I was holding)..and I throughly enjoyed my special guest cue card holders

Candy contest also went really smoothly..maybe that's just cuz I'm a bitch tho tongue....

NC crew..keep it up...ya'll rock

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 10:31 AM


Hurray! Happy rave! Had a good time. I was a lil sad I didnt get to play our Awesome By Association set. However playing by myself I got to throw down tracks ive been waiting to hear on a big system that I wouldnt normally play.

JP and Jukesy fucken pwnd!

Sunday November 05, 2006 - 4:41 AM


Pretty fucking good party!
Xofer and Sticknutz's sets were awesome, and the request set was a cool idea.
I had a good time, even if I did keep dropping my beer!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 11:10 PM


i had a blast at this party! which was awesome since i havent partied in what seems like forever!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 9:45 PM


Was really nice nearly arrived late but managed to get in hehe as for the party...was nice but i dont like happy hardcore so euhm.... yeah need to drink more beer next time!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 7:13 PM


Man, this rave was right on the money! Everyone seemed to have an awesome time. Timmy's set rocked (as always tongue) - hell, the entire NIGHT rocked. The voting idea worked massively well!

Let's do this again some time. smile

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 6:35 PM


Awesome night! It's nights like these that I truly have fun and it has been a while since I got to bust out to some UK HardHouse.

Jp and Jukesy were the main reason I made the drive. Lots of beer, lots and lots of beer.

The jungle was pretty sick but the combined Jezbone Tekno, Hardhouse/NRG and Hardcore dancing made my legs weak and seize up. especially after a 2.5hr drive non-stop.

Ended up wearing the stupidest thing to a rave - long sleeve dress shirt, jeans, a hoodie and tonnes of gel in my hair. how do those gino's do it?

Way to go Embedded & Nocturnal Comissions. definately one of my favourite parties.

oh. and glad there aren't under 16's allowed. they have a curfew, so it shouldnt be a drug infested babysitters house. especially when they hardly appreciate the music. But I'll say last night's dancing made me a whole lotta happy!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 5:49 PM


Fun Times!!
Yesterday was the first time me actaully always having I.d with me came in handy, it sucked that some of my friends got kicked out but the rule keeps parties from getting too sketchy i think.

The music was great and the dance floor wasnt packed. That contest thing that they had on stage was pretty fucking confusing O.o

Overall that was one of the best raves Ive gone to. The lights were amazing, all the sets were awesome. I een injured myself while dancing on stage by falling into a hole, but it was fun lol. There better be a rave like this one in the near future.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 5:36 PM


woah. this party was SOO much better then i thought it was going to be. the people and music where good wasnt sketchy at all. *awesome night.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 4:41 PM


This party was awesome i had a blast... i like the whole 16+ thing ..its really smart lol .. cause u know how some people are.

((THANK YOU TIMMIE)) for announcing my lost cammra for the last 4 hours i didnt have it somehow it fell out of my pocket... and someone took it i really thought it was gone but the person gave it back THANKS to who ever u are hahahaha..I have no pics meh........WICKED PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 4:24 PM


I had so much fun at this party!!

The vibe was great!! the music was awesome.. all night long!!

Good job NC for throwing such a amazing party yet again!!!


Saturday November 04, 2006 - 3:55 PM


I had an absolute blast.

Massive respect to Nocturnal Commissions and Embedded for pulling off another amazing event.

As for the 16+ rule, all I can say is its about fucking time. Since the late 90s there has been a municipal law stating that you must be 16+ to attend raves (do a little homework, you'll see that its true). I'm glad that its finally being enforced.

If you're younger than 16, you should not be staying out all night partying. Plain and simple.

Anyways, this event gets a very well deserved five stars.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 3:08 PM


Good work to Timmy, George and ze rest of the NC krew...

Fun party as always. happy

Scotch was in full effect last night and it was a hoot. Also having an englishmen spill beer on me after I told him to watch out the canadian beer might be a bit strong for him... wink tongue

All in all a grand time...

Albeit there were some sketch bag's and theifs there last nite, but they are at any party I guess.... And I didn't reconize many of the faces, but that's just cause I'm outta the loop. tongue

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 2:58 PM


Meh, it was okay but I wasn't feeling it. Definately loved that they actually put a jungle set in the Reverb for once, holy crap! wow

New 16+ must have ID rule is stupid, so many of my friends got kicked out.

Meh, still nice to see people and whatever but didn't really feel that party.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 2:49 PM


Fun times.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 2:01 PM


we came ..we raved..we conquered..ok...wel..we didnt coquer but we had a BLAST!!!! TRR was TOTALLY RAVING!!!

Looved JP & Jukesy..other faves ofthe night were SIckness' acid techno set.. Crash's jungle throw down and ummm...well.. cant forget about JEPH!! BOH BOH!!!

also glad to see th new mandatory 16+ rule taking effect..i think it will have positive outcome in the end.. just rem,ember.. IF UR YOUNG..BRING ID!!! even a birthcertificate.. whatever.. just bring something to show ur not 15!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 1:05 PM


thanks to nc for throwing the party
i didnt know about this 16+ id rule
but its all good cuz im 18 and have id.
at the beginning in holy joes the hhc was amazing haha followed by some grimey jungle..
sadly i missed the request set

wished there were more ppl there cuz it would of made the party better

the glowsticks were awesome everyone was loving it
cant wait till the next one nc!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 12:47 PM



Saturday November 04, 2006 - 12:38 PM


I had a great time, i wasn't expecting to hear jungle in the main room at an embedded and NC party but crash played an awesome set and had the jungle heads inside the club going crazy. He definetly scared the candy kids upstairs with the heavy tracks but it was kind of expected when you throw a full on dnb set in between a hhc and a hard house set at 1am, but the music was so booming i saw alot of candied out kids dancing to the jungle beats.

The TRR set was fun fun fun, i danced my ass off to dynamic and george, i gave up on the voting and gave my glowsticks to some guy and just enjoyed the music.

Lots of sketchy kids inside the place, im not hating on them like a lot of people do cause we were all young and out of control at some point, i just wish the sex acts were saved for after they left the rave lol

I left shortly after the TRR set due to a long drive from niagara and a long week of work but great job embedded and NC, can't wait for the next one!!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 12:18 PM


Last night was a blast!

To be honest i really didnt think the Total Request Set would go as well as it did.

It went off without a hitch and the participation level you ravers gave off was amazing.

I love playing every event for NC & Embedded because the parties are all about fun, and thats whay a party should be about.

As for the 16+ thing. I thought it was commom knowledge that all ages means 16+ so if you somehow get into the club and make an ass out of yourself without ID, im sure you will get booted.

Anyways. Thanks NC & Embedded. Great time and i cant wait for the next event!


Saturday November 04, 2006 - 11:23 AM


Had a really good time, very friendly people, even if they were on drugs or not.

JP & Jukesy played an awsome set. It was also really nice to see that they didnt just take off after thier set like alot of bigger name djs do.

Played an awsome 45min set with Trixie Firecracka, thanks for all who were bustin out during our set.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 11:06 AM


i think that the party was boring and i didnt like the fact that if we didn't have i.d and we weren't 16 we had to leave thats bullshit ... also the music wasn't that bad but i think that next time they shouldn't have so much HARDCORE!!!!

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 10:59 AM


That was a fucking blast, super uber mega ultra thanks to my NC boys and pel for having me out, I had more fun playing last night than i've had in a while, big bass inside that place

5 Stars

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 7:19 AM



much fun was had.

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 5:02 AM


1 star: People were ;lots and lots of fun
2 star: Glow sticks were handed out to us, we had lots of them!!
3 star: No bad drugs in circulation

Saturday November 04, 2006 - 1:04 AM


It was boring, okay music.
Everyone was really friendly though. um 2 stars.