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Oct 8 - Oct 14/Friday The 13th - Stabby Stabby

Title: Friday The 13th - Stabby Stabby view flyer in a new window

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Promoter: Terror Inc
Date & Time: Friday, October 13, 2006 - 9:00pm to 5:00am
Lineup: Knifehandchop - **Live PA** - Ravecore
Insufferable Noise Machine - ** Live PA ** - Noisecore/Metal
Hot Shit aka Unabomber vs Scartat w/ Mc Locked vs Mc Flybry - Ultimate Mungle Battle!
Rex Manning aka Unadingus & Mike Conradi - Rock n Roll Technoooooo!
Reckless Girl - Funky Electro House
Zenmaster Chi - jungle masta returns
Robotpilot - Breakcore
Xofer - The Dirrt
Tranzit - H-H-Hardcore
Damo vs Bliz - Haaardcorestyle
Marty McFly - Breaks

$5 reduced list email

Venue: Reverb, The, 651 Queen St. West Map It
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Admission: $10 b4 10pm / more after
Extras: Licensed Area, Concessions, All Ages, 500 Capacity, 1 Room(s), Special/Rave