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Sep 10 - Sep 16/Always N Forever

Title: Always N Forever view flyer in a new window

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Promoter: Purple Heaven
Date & Time: Friday, September 15, 2006 - 9:00pm to ?
Lineup: Dr. Trance - Toronto’s "Big Daddy" of "rave" Trance duh!

St. Pete - The prodigal son returns!! REAL Trance

Unabomber vs Mike Conradi *ol skool trance battle!!!*
What?! Did someone say TRANCE?????

Impact vs Elycit
Oshawa’s hardest and hottest NRG/Hardhouse duo !!

Lady Bass vs Ken
Hard Trance / Uk Hard Dance / NRG tag team !

Jace vs Tremor
Kitchener’s bad boys.. head to head techno!

Purple Heavens very own Hard Trance resident

dj Opel
Hard Dance Master!!

Purple Heaven Trance resident

Timmy the ticklish!!

Hardcore/Gabber/Breakcore/Happy all in da mix!!

Tyco n Scoots
The leaders of the new school Happy Hardcore movement!!

Scartat vs Jeph w/ MC Flybry
Mungle vs Jungle!

Casual Insertion (Tempest and Xphox)
Happyhardcore tag team duo!

Mark the Mechanic
Dirty ill scratched up breakbeats!!

Happy hardcore newbie shows you whats up!


Venue: Reverb, The, 651 Queen St. West Map It
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Admission: $5 b4 10PM, more after
Extras: Licensed Area, Concessions, All Ages, 500 Capacity, 2 Room(s), Special/Rave