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Mood: Lovestruck lovestruck - Mood history
Real Name: Remy
Gender: Female
Status: Single & not looking
Location: Destin, Florida, U.S.A.
Birthdate: Oct 23, 1986, I'm 27 and a Scorpio
My +Buddies: *rigs*, *shh*, .*.Mizz_Momma.*., .~Manda~., AmunRa, djslinky, FT.Photography, JunGLeSnOoKie, paultranzit, Ragga_Scum, Randi*Jo, raverking69, The_Scartat
+Buddy Of: !*KinKy*!, !BDOG!, *shh*, 5_Star, AmunRa, darrinrowley, DeSpIsEd__IcOn, EyeOfTheJew!, famousde, JunGLeSnOoKie, Kennedys_Mom, Mackenzies*Mommy, missbehavin07, Ragga_Scum, Randi*Jo, raverking69, realandfake!!!!, Rocahbye., theFamousDE, x0xblackx0x


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 Movie: 300 (2007-10-25)
 Movie: Casino Royale (2007-05-21)
 Food: Deep-Fried Dill Pickles (2006-12-16)
 Food: Jägermeister (2006-10-25)
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