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Login: rashonda
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Mood: Funny funny - Mood history
Real Name: Lindsay
Gender: Female
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Mar 10, 1985, I'm 29 and a Pisces
My +Buddies: !~SeCrEtZ~!, -technoid-, Jinxx, Majestyk, Mel-McKay, sassy_junglist, Shaniqua
+Buddy Of: !~SeCrEtZ~!, *JuLie*, .starscream., Giovani, Jinxx, Majestyk, Mel-McKay
Ask and i will tell.


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 My class room (4, 4 new Comments Enabled)
  I teach pharmaceutical compounding i love it!

 New Years (18, 18 new Comments Enabled)
  Few pics on how I rang in the new year!

 The bitches and Hoes (24, 24 new Comments Enabled)
  Me and my victims and what have you

 The Girls (18, 18 new Comments Enabled)
  Rashonda and Raoul

 The LindZaVator (42, 42 new Comments Enabled)

 The Locked Gallery (1, 1 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  Its a privelage not a right... remember that.

 Toronto X-mas Party (21, 21 new Comments Enabled)
  Sat Dec 9th, Robs work party

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