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Login: lilone_86
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Mood: Weird weird - Mood history
Real Name: *~Rach~*
Gender: Female
Status: Not specified
Location: Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Jul 10, 1986, I'm 28 and a Cancer
My +Buddies: ice_coldheart, imadevilchild, Kuriame, Ri.N.P
+Buddy Of: ca_affa_manin, ice_coldheart, imadevilchild, Kuriame

small(411), im around 95lbs ,long black hair, brown eyes.....


animals,roses,music, friends, tattoos, liprings (so hot on guys), cuddling, rum,

THINGS I HATE!!!! puke

*toe sox(scary)
*ppl that lie
*gina / gino!!!!
*some rap
*deep water
* high places

My Music:

slipknot, sublime, system of a down, queen, the used, rammstein, marilyn manson, mudvayne,
old weezer, operation ivy, hatebreed, hopesfall, mad caddies, deftones, disturbed, catch
22, reel big fish, kittie, korn, subb.The Early November,My Chemical Romance,Blink 182,
Billy Talent, bullet for my valentine,childen of bodom, death from above,killswitch
engage,unearth, underoath, with broken wings,Haste The Day, Poison The Well,Fall Out
Boy,As Cities Burn,Dead Poetic,scart kids scaring kids,nothing face,as i lay dying,dying
fetus,from autumn to ashes,mindless self indulgence,arch enemy,bleeding through,funeral
for a friend,at the drive-in,bring me the horizon, the dillinger escape plan, remembering
never,powerman 5000,avenged sevenfold, from first to last, every time i die, protest the
hero, it dies today, across five aprils,darkest hour,the fall of troy,the specials, rage
against the machine,norma jean,nile,eighteen visions, august burns red,haste the
day....nething really....!!!



next time someone say "ya well i f^cked ur mom last nite" look at that man
straight in the eyes and say "well thats to bad, while u were wasting your time
trying to get laid by old ladys i carved out ur moms eyes sockets with a razor blade"


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