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Mood: Happy happy - Mood history
Real Name: Holli
Gender: Female
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Sep 24, 1984, I'm 29 and a Libra
My +Buddies: .::@m!3e::., .starscream., AlbeeWan, Bart, mintjellie, MissDJB, OCDancEgiRL, raaven, veezee, veruka99
+Buddy Of: .::@m!3e::., .starscream., AlbeeWan, Bart, ChevelleFreak, mintjellie, MissDJB, raaven, shaman2646, veezee, veruka99
angelThe four noble truthsangel
Life is suffering
Suffering is due to attachment
Attachment can be overcome
There is a path for accomplishing this

Bio? Ok, I
was born, I live, and with every passing moment of the day/week/year I get older. Remind
you of yourself right? Yah, prolly not.
I enjoy the alcoholic delights and going to clubs of the rock genre. Parties are a
different tale, I prefer jungle with a hint of hardcore.

heart Love is not attachment.heart
Attachment causes suffering
heartLove is a bottomless well in our heartsheart


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