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Login: Ultramoose
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Mood: Sore sore - Mood history
Real Name: Not For Critics.
Status: Not specified
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Aug 5, 1987, I'm 27 and a Leo
My +Buddies: *Flyboy, .muffin.cake., 3zen, Bacchus, DynamicUno, M., Psychick, Rushzilla, The_Scartat, visuals
+Buddy Of: !!!niggaracci, +Out•of•Print™, .muffin.cake., :secondbest:, billierector, Braidz, britzbitz, DynamicUno, HeraldofChaos, Psychick, sexy_succubus, visuals
In dreams the truth is learned that all good works are done in the absence of a

Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it

I'd rather be working for a paycheque then waiting to win the lottery.

"Things came too easy to you," his mother had told him in a resigned way
a few years back. "You were so good at things when you were a little boy, the
teachers made so much of you. That's why you never developed any


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My Reviews

 Movie: Blades of Glory (2007-06-13)
 Movie: Stranger than Fiction (2007-05-01)
 Movie: Beowulf & Grendel (2007-04-29)
 Movie: Bridge to Tarabithia (2007-04-29)
 Movie: Children of Men (2007-04-01)
 Event: 4 To The Floor (2007-03-31)
 Movie: A Scanner Darkly (2007-03-27)
 Movie: 300 (2007-03-18)
 Food: Tandoori Sizzler (2007-03-03)
 Movie: Lucky Number Slevin (2007-01-03)
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 Allure (1 | 2010-09-30 Comments Enabled )
 A light for simple matters (1 | 2007-05-13 Comments Enabled )
 Wait (2 | 2007-04-30 Comments Enabled )
 Naked (3 | 2006-11-15 Comments Enabled )
 A Story About A Boy (1 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )
 Heroin (1 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )
 Speak not but of nothing (1 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )
 Still Frame (1 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )
 Wander (3 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )
 We Are Already Dead (2 | 2006-09-19 Comments Enabled )

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