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Login: Neogma
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Mood: Enlightened enlightened - Mood history
Real Name: Neogma
Gender: Male
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: May 6, 1988, I'm 26 and a Taurus
My +Buddies: *laa.dee.dah*, backnessmafoo, Cassisaurus, denwO, electrophyste, elegy, essiium, Glittery_Night, miss.abstractiOn, pinkflip, popsicAL, prettyravegirl13, QueenB, robotpilot, StarSh!ne*, TashaNoel, VivaLaRose, vmlinuz, zombie_whore, [[sweet~fly]], _never_mind_, _RawR_, ~N8~
+Buddy Of: backnessmafoo, Cassisaurus, electrophyste, essiium, Glittery_Night, miss.abstractiOn, pinkflip, prettyravegirl13, TashaNoel, vmlinuz, WhiteRabbitxo, ~Panda~
hmmm.... i think my profile needs an update.... bah, to lazy..

wow, i need to update my pics. @_@


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