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Login: Justin!
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Mood: Happy happy - Mood history
Real Name: Justin
Gender: Male
Status: Single & looking
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Apr 24, 1977, I'm 37 and a Taurus
My +Buddies: .::@m!3e::., Angie.Mcfly, Atomic_Moog, Danigrrl, JohnnyFunk, MindTriPp, Sabryna, TESSERACT, TiggerLily, wyld, [SE-Rious]
+Buddy Of: .::@m!3e::., .starscream., AeriusZension, Angie.Mcfly, Atomic_Moog, Dakota_Barnes, Danigrrl, Fnord, Frau.Wav, JOELLE, MindTriPp, Mr_Bigglesworth, PartEBoy, Sabryna, SunShyne, wyld, [SE-Rious]
Fuck you. Fuck your mother, and father.
Monorail is Gadgetbahn, and will be treated as such!



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