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Login: Intoxicated
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Mood: Cheerful cheerful - Mood history
Real Name: Todd
Gender: Male
Status: Not specified
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Sep 5, 1981, I'm 32 and a Virgo
My +Buddies: !!!!!..Nallaine, !*Cynex*!, Brocksteady, DarkHeartbeat, Orry_509
+Buddy Of: !!!!!..Nallaine, NCEmily
Taxi from the Docks to Golden Griddle ..$11.75
All you can eat breakfast buffet...$12.99
Family Size Jug of Orange Juice.....$8.00
Watching Orry trip the fuck out from a golden griddle employee walking back and forth for
no apparent reason .... PRICELESS

John - "What the fuck is Mr. Dressup doing in Golden Griddle, isn't he dead?"


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