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Login: Hooch
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Mood: Delirious delirious - Mood history
Real Name: Stacey
Gender: Female
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Jul 30, 1982, I'm 32 and a Leo
My +Buddies: Angie.Mcfly, ivygrrl, LYANZFIYA, MartyMcFly, munchkin, QTBOOTY, recourse, SPED, §punn
+Buddy Of: Angie.Mcfly, dea, ingaga, ivygrrl, munchkin, QTBOOTY

I like cheese
and thunderstorms
and lightning
and dancing in the rain
under the stars
beneath the sun
my cat
dancing on rooftops smile
house, computer, food


I do not like
mean people
going without coffee in the morning
Being called Hooch tongue
but what are ya gonna do ... will i ever live this one down.... grr


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My Gallery

 B.C. Timez (7, 7 new Comments Enabled)
  Sean and I drove out west a couple times. I lost my 2002 pix :( so here’s some from 2003 :)

 East Coast 2007 (3, 3 new Comments Enabled)

 Eclipse 2005 (10, 10 new Comments Enabled)
  Fun in the sun in Quebec

 I LUV KITTIES!!! (18, 18 new Comments Enabled)
  My kittie and his crazy ways

 MeXiCo (30, 30 new Comments Enabled)
  April 22-29 Bahia Principe Tulum

 My Sister’s Wedding (4, 4 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  My sister’s wedding....

 Panama (15, 15 new Comments Enabled)
  Yes yes...Panama is quite beautiful

 PsYkEdEliK GaThErInGz (29, 29 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  ...In a dream like state...

 Quebec Holiday 2005 (4, 4 new Comments Enabled)
  Sean and I decided to do Quebec this year!!! It was a load of fun :)

 The Infamous wedding! (14, 14 new Comments Enabled)
  Marty and Angie got married and sooooooo many pictures were taken...we were being geeks in some, those r the ones i choose to upload!

 The ~Stuff~ album (19, 19 new Comments Enabled)
  Stuff that doesnt totally belong anywhere else...and other stuff??

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