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Mood: Loved loved - Mood history
Real Name: Amanda
Gender: Female
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Aug 12, 1985, I'm 29 and a Leo
My +Buddies: *diablo*, Brace.Yourself*, inch, P-!-N-K-E, Point+Break, schenckcore
+Buddy Of: *diablo*, beutiful*mistake, Brace.Yourself*, inch, P-!-N-K-E, Point+Break
I have nothing to hide in my life. Most of you are just on a need to know basis
and you don't need to know

If you really want something you'll find a way, if not you'll find an

I love my kidsheart, my manheart and my
heart. I am proud of who I am and everything I have done. There are
no regrets because I have learned my lessons and everything past had made
the present.

Do you really want to know about me or are you just bored? I'm guessing you're
just really bored so let me make this clear now.... Comment away on what ever you want,
no I will not join you in your high school teenage drama rampage, but I will be here to
laugh my ass off at you. I consider most people my puppets, monkeys if you will, so
entertain me.... Dance Monkeys Dance!!finger

This is me....

Love me or hate me, you're opinion matters not.



__/ ... \__

_____ \ .......... / _____

\ ....\_ \......../ _/.... /

\ ....TORONTO.... /

/_ ..... MAPLE ..... _\


| __ |

| __ |



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My Gallery

 Baby Girl (40, 40 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  Well... I have a daughter, so, this is her!!!!

 Easter 2007 (10, 10 new Private Album)
  Well...if u cant figure out what this albums about, ur an idiot.

 HaHaHa (90, 90 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  Random shit

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 Marshall’s going away Pa (48, 48 new Private Album)
  My buddies going away party and that day. June 23 ’07.

 More stuff (52, 52 new Comments Enabled)

 My baby boy (6, 6 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  I figured since I have one of my princess up that I should put one of my prince up too!!

 Pictures (36, 36 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  Well.... they’re picture...of people.

 Random Good Times!! (26, 26 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
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 Random pictures (51, 51 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  Well.... random pics. Might be cute, funny, Awwdorable, whatever, wtf...... you know!!

 St. Patties Day (11, 11 new Comments Enabled Private Album)

My Reviews

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 Food: Caramilk (2006-10-27)
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My Poems

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My Journal

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