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Login: Bart
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Mood: Helpless helpless - Mood history
Real Name: crass.mix
Gender: Male
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Jun 18, 1985, I'm 29 and a Gemini
My +Buddies: .::@m!3e::., .starscream., AlbeeWan, ChevelleFreak, cOrpoRateCuTi, dazee, imurshadow, M.
+Buddy Of: .starscream., AlbeeWan, ChevelleFreak, dazee, imurshadow
I make mix tapes for your car stereo.


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  my basement, where i chillax

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 Event: Phobia: A Friday the 13th Thing (2008-06-17)
 Movie: Superbad (2007-08-21)
 Event: Concord Dawn & Noisia (2007-04-15)
 Event: Pendulum (2007-03-31)
 Movie: Office Space (2006-12-01)
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