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Login: *~foxfire~*
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Mood: Indescribable indescribable - Mood history
Real Name: Batman
Gender: Female
Status: Attached & not looking
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: Mar 24, 1984, I'm 30 and a Aries
My +Buddies: !!LadyStarDust!!, *laa.dee.dah*, .:Alice:., .:aShlee:., .:Darth_Batman, .nar., AudiotiztikMayhm, Caleidh, Chërry_Trëës, Chippette, Contorted_Angel, emilyxstella, Eneahs, FT.Photography, HumanErrorr, joesfridge, LIONA999, Megg, miss.abstractiOn, MissLoon, mz*baSz, nonsense, Scarah, Spinnerette, Splatterbugz, Yanze, _never_mind_, ¤MissKitty¤
+Buddy Of: .:Darth_Batman, ;mandalicious;, AudiotiztikMayhm, Chërry_Trëës, Chippette, choker, Contorted_Angel, Eneahs, FT.Photography, HumanErrorr, JibberJabber, joesfridge, LIONA999, Mandas, Megg, miss.abstractiOn, MissLoon, mumof4, mz*baSz, newgroove, sexibitch, shiseiji, Spinnerette, Tiger_Scorpio, xKittyxKittyx, Yanze, _never_mind_, ¤MissKitty¤
yes, i know i'm female, however i still say that I'M BATMAN!!!

i've run out of +buddy list room D: so if i don't return the +buddy please don't be
offended :x

if you wanna ask me anything, by all means, i've got nothing to hide, if you wanna know
anything, ask happy


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My Gallery

 ♥ Miki ♥ (60, 60 new Comments Enabled)
  March 12, 2009 - <3 my second furbaby

 ♥ Sam ♥ (84, 84 new Comments Enabled)
  november 9, 2009 -- half yellow lab, half alaskan husky

 ♥ Lee & Miki ♥ (18, 18 new Comments Enabled)
  my two furbabies :)

 ♥ Lee ♥ (167, 167 new Comments Enabled)
  Lee! <3 Dec 26 2007 -

 alice in wonderland (60, 60 new Comments Enabled)
  one of my many obsessions...

 anime/manga/games/comic (253, 253 new Comments Enabled)
  of the anime and/or manga and/or the game and/or the comic persuasion

 Aries (40, 40 new Comments Enabled)
  that would be me! :3

 art (142, 142 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  drawn by me, if i let you in this gallery, clearly it means i trust you enough NOT to take any of it without credit :/ and i DON’T draw for free, only on the rare occasion when i feel like it, so don’t ask me for drawings unless you’re going to pay for them

 art? (339, 339 new Comments Enabled)
  art that isn’t mine

 Batman (177, 177 new Comments Enabled)
  ...i run around telling everyone i’m batman :/ seriously... and my sister is superman

 blood is thicker (10, 10 new Comments Enabled)

 business venture! (4, 4 new Comments Enabled)
  things i’ve made that i plan on selling, if it’s still in this gallery, it’s still for sale ;) i am open to requests, for a slightly higher fee unless i already have the colors necessary ;) bags are starting at $20!!! get em quick, cause no two bags will be alike!!! they’ll all be different prints/fabrics!!!

 derpy! (7, 7 new Comments Enabled)
  heheh i like derpy hooves XD

 fairies/pixies/mermaids/etc (52, 52 new Comments Enabled)
  what can i say, i love fairies, pixies, etc...

 for sale (0, 0 new Comments Enabled)
  stuff i want or need to part with

 foxfire creations 001 (18, 18 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  normal photos i’ve taken of people

 gifts (10, 10 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  stuff made for me

 gifts (20, 20 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  stuff made for others

 harley quinn (87, 87 new Comments Enabled)
  my all-time favorite villianess

 ideas (16, 16 new Comments Enabled)
  possibilities for what to do with my hair

 ipod backgrounds (62, 62 new Comments Enabled)
  backgrounds i have for my ipod touch

 loli clothes/accessories (101, 101 new Comments Enabled)
  i find these all so cute, but expensive and i’d probably look funny in em :/ however that doesn’t stop me from wanting them somuch >.<

 our first (36, 36 new Comments Enabled)
  apartment to ourselves :D

 paintings for sale (8, 8 new Comments Enabled)
  prices vary, ask and i’ll give you a quote, shipping is extra

 pets (61, 61 new Comments Enabled)
  animals i have or have had

 photos (59, 59 new Comments Enabled)
  really beautiful photos :3 either i took or others took ((other photographers credited))

 possible business venture (3, 3 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  they’re kinda like beach bags, only a bit smaller and lined :) they have 6 pockets on the outside, however i plan on putting some on the inside. i can make them bigger and add a zipper to the top/velcro to the outside pockets to turn it into an ever so useful diaper bag for new mums, or even mums who just want another diaper bag to replace their old one

 random (54, 54 new Comments Enabled)
  stuff i own -shrug-

 ravens (9, 9 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  tattoo ideas, i’ve wanted a raven for a long time...

 rockstar/stealth ninja pirate (164, 164 new Comments Enabled)
  pictures i’ve taken of me, of random shiz, yea, stuff like that

 sailor moon (164, 164 new Comments Enabled)
  this series will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite anime series ever XD

 sea jellies (22, 22 new Comments Enabled)
  or more commonly known as jellyfish

 stuff (923, 923 new Comments Enabled)
  i like stuff

 surgery (9, 9 new Comments Enabled Private Album)
  breast reduction surgery, before and after ((girls only))

 tattoo ideas (26, 26 new Comments Enabled)
  for eventually i guess :/

 tattoos (9, 9 new Comments Enabled)
  the tattoos i’ve gotten over the years

 twisted (20, 20 new Comments Enabled)
  images from the twisted princesses/twisted fairies

 wants (246, 246 new Comments Enabled)
  stuff i want eventually

 wedding (188, 188 new Comments Enabled Private Album)

 zombie love (371, 371 new Comments Enabled)
  oh yes, i loves de zombies, oh how i loves de zombies...

My Reviews

 Movie: Twilight (2009-04-06)
 Book: Twilight (2008-12-30)
 Movie: Chaos Theory (2008-12-28)
 Movie: Casino Royale (2008-11-15)
 Movie: 21 (2008-11-15)
 Movie: I Am Legend (2008-11-15)
 Movie: Beetle Juice (2008-08-06)
 Movie: Clerks 2 (2008-08-06)
 Movie: Grandma's Boy (2008-08-06)
 Movie: The Dark Knight (2008-07-23)
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My Poems

 imperfect (0 | 2011-02-24 Comments Enabled )
 lying awake (0 | 2010-04-16 Comments Enabled )
 hurricane - 30 seconds to mars (0 | 2009-12-08 Comments Enabled )
 things that i adore (0 | 2007-07-06 Comments Enabled )
 just with you (0 | 2007-02-11 Comments Enabled )
 until the pain is over (0 | 2007-01-03 Comments Enabled )
 high (1 | 2006-12-18 Comments Enabled )
 Everything ((lyrics)) (0 | 2006-10-19 Comments Enabled )
 Make Believe ((lyrics)) (0 | 2006-10-13 Comments Enabled )
 Remorseless (0 | 2006-09-05 Comments Enabled )
 Undeserved ((lyrics)) (0 | 2006-08-26 Comments Enabled )
 count to ten (1 | 2006-08-11 Comments Enabled )
 The Tears Fell (0 | 2006-07-11 Comments Enabled )
 he is... (1 | 2006-06-29 Comments Enabled )
 i am... (2 | 2006-06-02 Comments Enabled )
 random... (1 | 2006-05-01 Comments Enabled )
 no way out ((lyrics)) (1 | 2006-04-06 Comments Enabled )
 underneath this skin (1 | 2006-04-02 Comments Enabled )
 the bottom line (1 | 2006-03-05 Comments Enabled )

My Journal

ಠ_ರೃ (6857 Comments Enabled )

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